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Mech Cadets #3 (of 6)

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The cadets and robos are stuck in quarantine–desperate to find any and all information about the alien threat–and eager to get back into the fight while economic tensions on Earth rise.
Meanwhile, Frank urges Olivia to breach protocol and rescue his cousin Franklin; will she cave to the pressure of someone she has more in common with than expected, or stick to playing by the rules?

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25 pages
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  • 80

    If last issue was a quiet, thoughtful one for the most part, Mech Cadets #3 from Greg Pak and Tak Miyazawa opens on a chaotic, kinetic fight scene that drops the audience right into the chaos of the Cadets’ battle. The plot rolls into high gear with a key emotional and plot beat in the middle of the battle, which then leads into a somber and serious set of character moments. It’s some of Pak’s best dialogue yet in the series, but it does leave you wondering where things are headed next and how to re-establish a status quo.

  • 80


    Mech Cadets continues to be worthy of your money and time. In a comic book world jam-packed with superheroes and powers, it’s nice to read a story that focuses on (mostly) normal characters who have to be resourceful to achieve their goals and aren’t gifted with convenient power-ups that “fix” their current problems. If you haven’t picked up an issue of this series yet, you are doing yourself a disservice. I do hope Pak takes some more risks in this series, but there is no reason to sleep on it.

  • 80

    Nerd Initiative

    All in all this issue is setting up a daring rescue that could make or break our cadets and it builds upon the suspense of not knowing how it will turn out.

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