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Maskerade #8

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Hold onto your helmets for Maskerade mayhem in the ferocious finale! The debut series from Kevin Smith’s Secret Stash Press ties off Felicia’s ferocious retribution rampage, vexing viewers in a live—and lethal—season finale. Will our hell-bent heroine pull off her plan? Will she navigate her napalmed nuthouse and live to slice another day? Stay tuned—same batshit time, same batshit channel.

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    Maskerade was an uneven comic from the jump. The book bounced back and forth between relishing in over-the-top gory vigilante violence and being fully aware of just how twisted its titular protagonist is (often in the same issue). Such is the case with its finale in issue #8, bringing back Dwayne’s narration from the opening issue and the realization that Felicia needs to be stopped only to have him rescuing her from a suicide attempt and professing his love for her pages later. If Maskerade’s ultra-violence was able to win you over through it’s first seven issues you’ll be more that satiated with its ending. If not, get ready to look away.

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