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Marvel Unleashed #4

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It’s the final stand against Blackheart as Throg, Redwing, Chewie, Lockjaw, Bats and D-Dog put everything they’ve got into stopping the son of Mephisto from unleashing his army on the world. But one of them won’t make it out alive…

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    I should’ve expected the fourth and final installment of Marvel Unleashed would make me cry, but it’s a testament to this miniseries that I definitely was surprised by it. The animal heroes’ last stand against Blackheart culminates in some earnest and satisfying ways, with a sense of charm radiating from every single line of Kyle Starks’ script. Jesus Hervas’ art gives that fight an impressive amount of gravity, rendering visuals that are more epic than some of the comic books concerning humans. This wonderful, weird little series might be over, but this was the perfect finale for it to go out on.

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    Major Spoilers

    There are a few undeniable truths in the universe. But one of them is that animal-focused stories need to have an emotional ending and Marvel Unleashed #4 follows this truth. It’s a bit rocky how it gets to that ending, but it does get there, and it wraps up the series in a nice way.

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