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Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars: Battleworld #4 (of 4)

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FALCON, ICEMAN, DAREDEVIL, HUMAN TORCH VS. SPIDER-MAN?! The SECRET WARS reach their peak, with the “missing heroes” of FALCON, ICEMAN and DAREDEVIL joining HUMAN TORCH at last, as the true nature of the BEYONDER’S test is revealed! Their enemy? SPIDER-MAN! A grand finale nearly forty years in the making as the full scope of the legendary original Secret Wars comes into focus!

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    The fundamental craftsmanship of superhero stories displayed in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars: Battleworld is admirable. Each issue surely delivered a twist to the story's model that heightened the stakes, and the final issue is no exception. What's more is that it plays upon an idea hiding in plain sight, even if a resulting modern reference built into this callback miniseries serves primarily to distract. Although there's nothing especially noteworthy about Spider-Man's final battle against both heroes and villains in this mini-Battleworld scenario, the action sequences are certainly adequate and play upon each character's powers in reliable fashion. The overall effect is a handsome looking comic book that effectively plays upon any nostalgia readers may feel for Marvel's original Secret Wars, of which I certainly still harbor some.

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