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Marvel Now! Point One #1

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Generally favorable ratings

Based on 5 critic ratings.

The future of Marvel is NOW!

A Point One issue introducing the movers and shakers of the Marvel Universe to come!

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51 pages
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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Flip Geeks

    This is easily the best Point One I’ve read so far, and is light years ahead of Marvel’s last attempt at a Point One in terms of quality. The higher price point may be a bit of a turn-off, but you’d definitely get your money’s worth.

  • 80

    Comic Vine

    There’s a lot of new titles coming under the Marvel NOW! banner. This oversized issue gives us a taste of six upcoming titles. It’s a cool look at what we can expect but there is also the $5.99 price tag to consider. It is worth it if you break it down but it might be a little much for some readers to spend on stories where they’re not quite sure what they’ll get. Some of the characters might not be appealing to everyone. If you do plan on reading any of these series, you would definitely benefit to seeing what goes down here. They may not be absolutely crucial to the enjoyment of those series but it will enhance your reading experience. As the story focuses on taking a look at the future, this does feel like we are doing just that, peeking into what’s coming up. This is a great sized comic and will give you a good chunk of material to let you spend some time kicking back and reading. If you’re curious what is coming up in Marvel NOW!, you’ll want to check this out.

  • 75

    X-Man's Comic Blog

    Honestly, I’m kind of interested in all of the comics mentioned here, even the one I was sure I wouldn’t want(FF)! Nothing mind blowing here, this wasn’t a necessary read in any way, it was an okay comic about a few upcoming comics. If you’re curious about Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, Secret Avengers, Young Avengers, Cable and X-Force or FF, this may be worth a pick up. Nothing more to say here.

  • 70


    All of these short stories are held together by an overarching story from Nick Spencer and Luke Ross. The team’s efforts effectively introduce Nick Fury and Agent Coulson, but when it attempts to act as a framework for these disparate tales, it falls short. Still, Ross’s superb artwork will be a treat once the team’s Secret Avengers title kicks off.

    The other stories featuring Nova, Star-Lord, and Forge do set up the tone of their respective series’, but fail to make an impression like the others. Despite that, you have to give Marvel credit for not smashing together a bunch of A-list Avenger and X-Men titles into this preview issue. Instead, they gave the spotlight to several titles that — while they may involve Avengers and X-Men — would otherwise arrive under the radar.

  • 70


    Save your money for Young Avengers and FF for sure; Agent of SHIELD and Guardians of the Galaxy maybe. If the upcoming series that the Forge story previews were a solo book, I’d be more inclined to pick it up. And nothing save a change of writer would get me to drop coin on this version of Nova.

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