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Marvel Meow #1

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MARVEL MEOW MAKES ITS PAWESOME PRINT DEBUT! Marvel’s most fearsome – and furriest – heroes are here to save the day and beg for treats in the process! Follow Chewie, Liho, Alpine and the rest of the Avengers’ feline friends as they cause a few cat-tastrophes…and maybe vanquish some villains in the process! Whether it’s crashing Captain Marvel’s apartment or defeating Doc Ock, you can always count on these cats for some cute chaos! Collecting the hit Infinity Comic series from Marvel Unlimited and featuring a brand-new cover and exclusive new story!

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Kindle Edition
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64 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Nerd Initiative

    Nao Fuji is an unstoppable force in this book, doing everything himself! Writer, Pencil, Colors, Inks, with the exception of 2 variant covers, it’s all him! So when you get the 64-page Mast-purr-piece. It’s a one-man show of stunning talent sure to bring a smile and new understanding to the world of Marvel. Fuji has also done another HC Marvel Meow story in 2021, and let me tell you, it’s the cat pajamas!

  • 90


    While the focus is on cats, plenty of other animals appear in the mostly silent stories including Jeffrey the Land Shark, Lucky, Lockjaw, Thori, Devil Dinosaur, Cosmo, and Fin Fang Foom. There’s plenty of fun here for animal lovers everywhere.

  • 60

    Marvel Meow takes the opportunity provided by meme-able felines’ semi-permanent hold on the Internet by having some light-hearted fun with the felines of the Marvel universe. Going into this comic initially, I had no idea how many heroes, and villains, actually had cats of their own so it was surprising to see folks like Sabretooth and Winter Soldier get their own stories. Ultimately, Marvel Meow doesn’t break the mold when it comes to introducing wild new storytelling, but it’s a light-hearted romp that works at creating interesting stories that are almost free of dialogue. Sometimes, thinking outside of the “kitty” box can work wonders, and while Marvel Meow isn’t necessarily a home run, it’s a solid enough entry for fans of both the Marvel Universe and felines in general.

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