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Marvel Knights 20th #6 (of 6)

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The truth comes out! The secret is revealed! A secret that may shatter the very foundations of the Marvel Universe!

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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 97

    The Super Powered Fancast

    As big as this story is, Cates manages to conclude it with humor, action and some really dramatic and surprising twists. The final revelation in this issue is worth every part of the story before it.

    The art is dramatic and gritty and the style of both artists is perfect for the story Cates in trying to tell with this finale. There are some truly beautiful panels in this issue that showcase the power of these characters and the rising tension of the story.

  • 88

    Comic Watch

    Marvel Knights 20th was a breathtaking tribute to the Marvel Knights imprint. Centering itself on a number of the beloved creations that came from that line, Cates manages to capture the essence of what made those stories so critically acclaimed in the first place. Each Marvel Knights series was marked in its treatment of the ethics of superheroing; this premise is not unfamiliar territory in the history of comics but I would be hard pressed to find an example from one of the Big 2 in which the premise was as concentrated as was in the pages of Punisher, Black Panther, Daredevil, Hulk, et. al.

    Cates manages to take an absurd premise (a godlike machine capable of rewriting the entire world’s memories) and turn it into a beautiful commentary on comics fandom. In light of this 20th anniversary, Cates and company remind us of the fragility of comics narrative amidst the endless soft and hard reboots, premature cancellations and aborted story-lines. Its easy to read a new series starting at #1 (in most cases) and forget all of the hard work that came before that helped forge the path for the series to exist. In a sense, Reed Richard’s strange machine exists in a very real way, allowing us to forget entire pantheons, but Cates, perhaps along with the Ghost of Karen Page, manages to reset the machine and remind of us with this series.

  • 82

    Multiversity Comics

    “Marvel Knights 20th” #6 may not be a tidy conclusion to this mystery, but it’s an entertaining ride and a charming salute to a part of the publisher’s history.

  • 70

    Sequential Planet

    Marvel Knights 20th #6 gives us a solid ending and great art for the end of the miniseries.

  • 40

    Marvel Knights 20th ends with more of a whimper than a bang. After battling their way through a small army of supervillains, Daredevil and his Marvel Knights allies find out what caused all the superheroes to forget themselves and what exactly protected it. We also learn the secret behind the ghostly Karen Page, and it’s a bit of a lame explanation. Although there’s a couple of interesting ideas at play here, they’re treated mostly as footnotes while pushing the story to a predictable conclusion. All in all, this was a decent homage to the Marvel Knights line that ultimately lacked the creative spark of what made those original comics so groundbreaking.

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