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Marvel Knights 20th #3 (of 6)

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Bruce was happy in his life. At peace. But that was before the notes came every night. Scrawled in a childlike hand. Driving him to seek out others like him. The blind man. The law officer. The self-defense instructor. Together, they must probe the very darkest parts of the soul on a quest for identity. A mystery that can only be unraveled…a threat that can only be challenged…by Knights.

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  • 94

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The series continues to get more intense and the mystery gets more interesting in this issue. All of the cameos and references work well with the story and Howard and Cates do a great job of making the story special and the dialogue unique. Making this issue about Frank’s journey gives him depth of character in relation to how tempting it is to stay in this world that he knows is wrong. Seeing that there is something gnawing at him psychologically and emotionally adds additional drama to the issue and the series. With great art from Couceiro and an engaging story, I continue to be curious about where this story is going and what it will unlock next.

  • 76

    Comic Watch

    Cates’ love letter to Marvel Knights continues and long-time fans of the work done by the imprint over the last 20 years will not be disappointed.

  • 60

    The strange alternate Marvel Universe seen in Marvel Knights has provided Punisher with a much more stable and healthy life, which is why he seems much more anguished than other superheroes to investigate the truth behind their real lives. Donny Cates and Tini Howard excellently depict Punisher as a man in conflict — a person who is digging for the truth even though it’s chipping away at his seemingly happy life. While some of the “cameos” in this issue were a little much (Thor is an overzealous cop! Loki is a street punk!), this is still an intriguing comic, especially when focused on its core characters.

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