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Marauders #9

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Generally unfavorable ratings

Based on 3 critic ratings.

Captain Pryde and the Marauders have vowed to save Threshold and all its mutants, no matter the odds.

But maybe they should’ve checked those odds first!

Witness the origins of Threshold and of mutantkind itself!

And fight to protect those origins as the Marauders find they’re not the only castaways from the future to take root in the deep past.

All this… and the first appearance of GROVE, without whom the Krakoan era wouldn’t exist!

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26 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    ‘Marauders’ #9 hits a point of lore, character, and nostalgia overload as it continues the team’s already deadly trip to the ancient past to save some of the very first mutants of Earth. Tons of solid ideas and energetic vivid fun artwork fill this book that tries to stay afloat even as it gets a bit lost within itself and the story trappings at times.
  • 50

    Comic Book Revolution

    Basically, Marauders #9 is chock-full of bad Sci-Fi writing. This issue is such a shallow read. The action is a chaotic mess. The rest of the issue is a ton of characters standing around and talking about nothing that would possibly interest the reader. The characters are all bland. The dialogue is generic. There is no chemistry between the teammates.
  • 40

    I think I've started to realize that one of my biggest problems with Marauders is its artwork. While it has a nice style when standing on its own, the way that many of the panels within this series flow together (especially during action sequences) make for a grueling and confusing reading experience. Marauders #9 doesn't only fall prey to more of these art annoyances, but the story that's being told feels like it requires an X-Men encyclopedia to fully grasp.

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