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Marauders #10

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With all of known history in the balance, Bishop and Psylocke lead a last-ditch strike to retake the past from its twin bacterial tyrants. Dangers mount! Can Pryde escape an unbreathing prison in time to rescue not just her crew, but the foundations of mutant society itself?

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25 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Comic Watch

    If you’ve stuck with the story from the beginning or want to catch up on issue one, Marauders delivers an action-packed adventure. And it’s a great continuation of the previous issues and stories, even if they will not be everyone’s cup of tea with constant and at times overwhelming, and endless action with yet another attempt to rewrite mutant history.

  • 70


    ‘Marauders’ latest story arc comes to a rather rushed ending where a ton of ideas were floated but very few of them actually stay afloat by the time the issue came to an end. While much of this arc has been a beautiful colorful delight, there are many elements that speak to one of the weakest spots of this series: it’s too rushed.

  • 50

    Marauders #10 gets back to being far too chaotic for its own good. The art in this series has always been fine when it comes to character models and landscapes, but action is something that it’s never done well. That proves to be true once again in this latest installment, which feels like an absolute mess from almost beginning to end. Until Marauders can learn how to more carefully mesh storytelling with action set-pieces, I have a hard time recommending this series.

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