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Manifest Destiny #48

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In 1803, Lewis and Clark led the Corps of Discovery across America so their great nation could fulfill its destiny. Years have passed, and now a new monster has been birthed in the heart of their country.

Since 2013, CHRIS DINGESS and MATTHEW ROBERTS have created an alternate history of the United States, and now it’s time to bring Lewis and Clark’s expedition to its blood-soaked end.

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    The finale of Manifest Destiny will not disappoint readers who followed this remarkable series across a decade at Image Comics. While the comic's perspective on Lewis, Clark, and Sacajawea has evolved across the course of the story, it's apparent here at the end that none of the characters in this quest were heroes; they were simply human. This is the sentiment that undergirds the anti-climatic climax and makes it ring out as the most fitting of final chapters. Every decision, mistake, and folly function perfectly within these individuals as they have been presented, which makes each revelation all the more tragic in turn. Manifest Destiny #48 does not need to provide readers a morality tale because the truth and consequences of this terrible effort can be trusted to readers. Even as hellfire and demons burn amidst these lush renderings of the Pacific northwest, the small expressions and moments between individuals garner just as much attention in this attentive portrait to human ambition and cowardice. Manifest Destiny finds a pitch-perfect landing point for its portrayal of the United States' genocidal expansion and what it may teach us about ourselves in 2022 and beyond.

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