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Manifest Destiny #47

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Whoever kills the war child will hold the fate of the world in their hands. Only two issues left!

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    The penultimate issue of Manifest Destiny does not disappoint as it lays out the final steps towards an apocalyptic battle for the soul of a continent. While it is primarily comprised of discrete sequences unpacking the cliffhanger trails extending from Manifest Destiny #47, each individual thread builds towards the same inevitable decision and provides a number of essential characters with poignant denouements. What’s most impressive in the build to Manifest Destiny’s climax is the sense of Shakesperean tragedy it strives toward as each turn of the knife and painful or ironic conclusion seems inevitable upon reflection while hurting in the moment. There’s an excellent varying of style and approach to these climactic pages as well. Splash panels depicting deaths or crucial expressions veer near the abstract and create emotions in the background and color palette as the world seems to morph beneath the psychic pressure of this finale. It’s an impressive effect and one that will leave readers eagerly anticipating Manifest Destiny #48 in December.

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