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Manifest Destiny #46

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Lewis and Clark’s expedition can only end with a sacrifice to the demonic Navath. But must it be young Jean-Baptiste?

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    With the final arch on the horizon, the end has arrived and Manifest Destiny #46 begins by saying farewell to several of its surviving characters before proceeding to dispatch the others. Even as the exact nature of this climax remains mysterious, the nature of the story’s “heroes” is quickly clarified. There’s no more denying the nature of these individuals—some of whom have been identified as slavers from the very start—and the story pulls no punches now that their final deed is at hand. Manifest Destiny #46 is quick and brutal in delivering this destiny with each member of the party playing their own part; there’s no room for romance amongst these moments. It’s that readiness to look the ambitions and evils of this expedition in the eye that make this issue a thrilling read; it’s also what serves up a cliffhanger that will haunt long-time readers for at least the month ahead as the final two issues of Manifest Destiny loom large ahead. It’s clear that no one will escape with both their body and soul intact.

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