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Manifest Destiny #45

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Now that the secret of their expedition is out, the Corps of Discovery is at a crossroads. They may not be good men…but are they monsters?

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31 pages

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    Manifest Destiny #45, returning after a very long hiatus, provides readers with a travelogue to its final destination. These pages are filled with incident, but much of it occurs quickly and its spaced across weeks (or months) of travel across western North America. Each moment resonates with significance. Every interaction with Sacajawea's son is particularly poignant, providing flashes of character based upon subtle cues. There are plenty of grander moments as well, including another gruesome death before arriving at the west coast. What's most notable about this interstitial space establishing the series' final setting and conflict is its depiction of what is now the western United States. Flourishes of forest and looming hills showcase the natural beauty of the world these men aim to conquer. It often highlights the contrast between what they bring with them and what is already present – distilling thematic cues from across Manifest Destiny into an ongoing vibe. Often beautiful to witness and terrible to contemplate, Manifest Destiny promises a potent finale whenever it might arrive.

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