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Manifest Destiny #43

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In 1803, Lewis and Clark were commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the uncharted United States westward. Not to mention kill every damn creature in their path.

Now, the Pacific Coast is within sight, and their long and terrifying journey is almost over. There is just the matter of resolving their bargain with a demon…

In 2013, CHRIS DINGESS and MATTHEW ROBERTS began their acclaimed historical adventure series…now, they begin their final adventure, and may God save our souls.

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    Comic Crusaders

    There are two moments in this book, one with the story on hand and a moment that happened prior to the immediate story. The flashback scene involved Lewis and Clark reflecting on them taking turns in leading their team which eventually leads to tragedy. Chris Dingess does an outstanding job in jumping to and fro – leading to an unsung hero. The pacing is flawless, Dingess gives readers the feeling of a nail-biting scene from a Hollywood thriller! And I absolutely loved the art of Matthew Roberts and the colors of Owen Gieni for the rustic feeling and taking us back to the 1800s. Finally the lettering by Pat Brosseau for his quality work, adding words without taking away the suspense and action from the panels. For history fans who love adventure stories, Dingess, Roberts nail this. Do ya’self a favor and check it out!
  • 80

    After a 14-month hiatus, Manifest Destiny returns for its finale and the opening salvo makes it clear that this will likely be the darkest chapter in an already very dark saga. This issue plays like prologue for the action to follow and in the wake of so many lost souls (a re-read of Manifest Destiny #42 is recommended to appreciate the opening pages). It re-establishes the series' tone as a saga of horror—elevating the mundane terrors and atrocities that would begin in this fateful expedition. Encroaching threats, dwindling numbers, and increasingly harsh conditions recall the likes of The Terror and a mountain pass encounter captures that form of survival-horror in a simultaneously majestic and chilling sequence. The end is near and it appears that the only hope left to the few survivors of Lewis and Clark's expedition is simply to complete the mission, even if it leaves only one man standing. That course has never seemed more corrupted or purposeless than in these pages which re-establishes the core themes of Manifest Destiny and lays the groundwork for whatever terrible conclusion awaits.

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