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Magneto #2 (of 4)

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Years ago, MAGNETO battled the X-MEN on the island-nation of Santo Marco.

Now, as Magneto attempts to turn over a new leaf, he will feel the wrath of IRAE!

But what secret does that battle hide for Irae, and what shocking revelation is in store for the Master of Magnetism?

Continuing the all-new adventure set during Magneto’s days as Headmaster of the NEW MUTANTS, and unearthing never-before-revealed aspects of his past and future!

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24 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    First Comics News

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    Comic Watch

    Classic X-Men fans, we are back with Easter eggs and amazing nods to mutant history. It continues to be a compelling story that is leaving us hungry for more.

  • 70

    The Fanboy Factor

    The story opens with Magneto in the heat of battle with the first class of X-Men…or is it the New Mutants…? Magneto is confused as to why he is even in Xavier’s School, to begin with. All of this is done in a nostalgic art style that really harkens back to 90s X-Men glory. Where flashbacks and scenes where the character is meant to be confused can sometimes come off as chaotic and hard to follow, this is entertaining and well done. And that is just the beginning. This comic is packed with action! The guest spot by the New Mutants takes the reader out a bit if they are not familiar with that team but it doesn’t dilute the story too much. The highlight of this book, however, is a new villain named Irae. This character is interesting on her own but there is a twist toward the end of the book that made this reader want to come back next time and find out what’s next!

  • 60

    Magneto’s throwback miniseries continues to be fascinating. While the rest of the X-Men world is dealing with the “Fall of X,” here we have a miniseries where Eric is internally combatting how the character has been written over the years, from cackling villain to complex mentor and back again. I don’t take too much stock in the “daughter” reveal and the New Mutants cast can’t quite shed that 90s cheesiness at times, but everything involving Eric’s mental struggle is gripping.

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