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Lunar Lodge #1

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Based on 6 critic ratings.

Marriage ain’t easy, especially when your spouse is hiding a monstrous secret.

Just ask Rob Moreland, who knows things aren’t great lately with his wife, Fiona, but is hoping to fix that… until the Lunar Lodge calls to confirm her stay.

Rob decides to shadow his wife to the hotel but what he finds reveals even more horror than he thought.

Rob will soon discover there’s much more to the Lunar Lodge, and to his wife, than meets the eye.

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Kindle Edition
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25 pages
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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    Exciting first episode full of mystery, terror and suspense. Mirko has detailed art where the textures provide that dynamism and at the same time an interesting and gloomy tone appropriate for this story.
  • 90

    Major Spoilers

    Lunar Lodge #1 primes us for a story about werewolves and instead delivers a tale of mystery and intrigue. I still suspect werewolves, but obviously, the plot is more sophisticated than a mere monster tale.
  • 85

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Maresca crafts an entertaining and engaging first issue with some great suspense and an interesting underlying mystery. While many of the elements feel familiar, the fact that the story is grounded in the interpersonal relationship makes the first issue compelling as it leads to its surprising cliffhanger. The Art: Colak delivers some beautifully detailed art in the issue that does a fantastic job of creating and drawing the reader into this world visually.
  • 65


    Ok, maybe marriage isn’t a total horror show all the time. (There’s so much strength and energy generated when you find that kind of connection.) But like a good horror movie, it’s about pacing and the way things often feel cyclical between the super great easy bits and the parts that challenge you fundamentally. And while this book hasn’t exactly terrified me yet in any meaningful way, it’s made some moves to set up that kind of story as it’s begun tickling us with early onset anxiety. I hope it can extend those feelings, and turn up the heat in a methodical way. Otherwise, I’ll need to divorce myself from this modern story of a deeply harrowing marriage.
  • 61

    Comic Watch

    Lunar Lodge #1 may not have enough going for it in its first issue to be a solidified must read, but what is here is promising. The book will at the very least get by on atmosphere and tone as its most engaging aspects all rely on the silent trust between writer and artist.
  • 30

    Lunar Lodge #1 only summons a broad sketch of a premise by its final page and lacks the execution to make any of the fine details surrounding it clear. The problems for this new Dark Horse miniseries start on the first few pages as a cold open on carnage at an Italian resort gives way to marital suspicions devoid of any basis in reality. In the course of only a few pages it's suggested the protagonist is facing severe financial difficulties but can also chase his wife to a remote location in Montana on a single day's notice. Any reader with a basic knowledge of North American geography will struggle to make the non-supernatural elements make sense. Scattered throughout his own investigation are brief sequences suggesting a broader conspiracy, but inconsistent artwork and interchangeable characters (often dressed in ball caps and sunglasses) makes it difficult to trace these details. When the first issue's cliffhanger arrives it's with a thud that only evokes more questions, providing readers a clear exit sign.

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