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Lovesick #5 (of 7)

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Thirteen years ago, a young girl named Domino met a handsome cannibal called Jack.

The rest, as they say, is history.

A story of submission, flesh, and power, and the origins of the most beloved and despised dominatrix on the darkweb.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: My heart goes out to Domino. Truly. My investment in this wildly fascinating character has surpassed my expectations. Her bravery and courage is more pronounced with every issue. Looking through a certain perspective, she can be defined as a feminist icon, albeit one that is criminally depraved. Society has, in every way failed Domino, and this makes her transformation from victim to persecutor even more profound. This is a woman who has not only escaped her captor but surpassed him in both fame and potentially fortune.

    As always, Vecchio’s tale of violence and erotica takes me through a myriad of emotions ranging from disgust to empathy. But with this chapter, I felt mostly rage. With every turn of the page, the true horror in this story is derived not from gore, but psychological trauma.
    While the last segment explored grooming, this work is dedicated to enslavement, encompassing both physical and mental aspects. The reader is given a glimpse of a young girl being tortured in the most diabolical of manners. And yet, the process of “breaking” an individual is not as uncommon as one might be led to believe. Murder aside, sexual slavery creates an environment where its victims are bound to their captor (or pimp) with emotional ties that are often more difficult to separate from than physical restraints.

    I encourage everyone to read the ending commentary from the author regarding her research and thought process. Once again, I applaud Luana Vecchio for her dedication to fearless and well-rounded storytelling.

    The Art: This issue contains nudity, disturbing violent imagery, and graphic sexual content. The artwork is crafted in a traditional styling placing emphasis on both character and background. Various shades of red and blue are woven within the pages in a manner that changes more with violence and emotional discomfort than in previous issues; and it is absolutely engaging. Personally, I felt more disturbed by this chapter than others as it visualizes violence through sexualization more than gore in a manner that is, in my opinion, much harder to stomach than traditional horror scenes.

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Lovesick #5 takes us back to young Domino’s time with Jack, giving us more insight into her relationship with Jack and why she has succumbed to him. Domino is one of the most fascinating characters to come along in a series for a long time, and if you’re a fan of her, this issue will have you loving her even more. Highly recommended.

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