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Love Everlasting #3

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After the bloody end of issue two, Joan finds herself free in the pristine suburbs of the 1950s. But again love pulls at her, demanding her attention, her life. She fights it, fights to escape, but still it pulls, and Joan must find a new way to fight this terror.

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    Comic Watch

    Love Everlasting #3 plays with its structure and establishes an internal rhyming scheme that ensures that familiar plot beats avoid feeling worn while delivering an excellent bit of insight into Joans doomed loop. Kings script is an excellent execution of familiar tropes and the diverging paths of romance, while Charretier mixes modern and classic artistic sensibilities to highlight that immutable endpoint for Joan. Pairing that sense of finality with Hollingsworths beautiful and sensory-evoking colors is an excellent decision that sells the sweeping emotional core to the book and makes it one of the best titles on shelves.

  • 92

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: King delivers a wonderful and consistently intriguing story in this issue. I continue to love the mystery of this series and the characters within it. There are so many interesting and engaging moments throughout the story and the twist within it is brilliantly executed. I find myself invested in Joan’s story and its complexities to the point where I am excited to see where the story goes next.

    The Art: Charretier delivers some beautifully detailed art and I continue to love the artistic style of this series and its homage to classic romance comics.

  • 90

    You Don't Read Comics

    There is an appeal to Love Everlasting as an ongoing series, but its going to be a bit of a challenge to keep everything going as Joan deals with problems from life to life and setting to setting. Image continues to present the old Substack end of the series for now. It will be interesting to see how long it will take it moving forward into new issues. King and Charretier have a compelling rhythm going with the series thus far. It will remain to be seen if they can maintain the intrigue moving forward.

  • 80

    Love Everlasting continues to play upon reader expectations with increasing effect. The third issue again extends its narrative focused on the 1950s in the midst of suburban Americana and a young woman’s choice to stay with her boyfriend or flee to college. It’s familiar, but the differences made by new connections and family history create a mystery that allows the entire scenario to be fresh. Charretier’s character design is essential to the unfolding secrets of the series, and tie this issue together in a very satisfying third act. It also begins addressing the lack of character by both developing at least one slightly-more-than-two-dimensional figure here and delivering some key dialogue that speaks to motivation and history by the end. Love Everlasting may not possess an unlimited runway, but the continuing investigation and rearrangement of its pieces is bound to keep readers on the hook for now.

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About the Author: Tom King

Tom King has emerged as a beacon of narrative brilliance in the comic book world, weaving tales that resonate deeply with both long-time enthusiasts and newcomers alike. With a unique blend of emotional depth and complex storytelling, King’s work has redefined what it means to engage with the medium of comics. From his groundbreaking run on Batman to the introspective Mister Miracle, King’s portfolio is a testament to his ability to explore the human condition through the lens of the superhero genre.

Before becoming a household name in comics, Tom King embarked on a path far removed from the world of capes and villains. As a former CIA officer, King’s experiences have infused his storytelling with a palpable sense of realism and gravity, setting his work apart in a crowded field. His transition from espionage to comics might seem unexpected, but it’s this very background that enriches his narrative voice, allowing him to craft stories of heroism and sacrifice with authenticity.

King’s ascent in the comic book industry began with The Vision, a series that turned the Marvel android into a tragic figure struggling with the concept of family and humanity. This work, characterized by its melancholic exploration of identity, laid the foundation for King’s reputation as a storyteller capable of blending superhero action with deep, literary themes. His ability to humanize iconic characters, making their struggles and triumphs resonate on a personal level, has earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase.

However, it is perhaps his work on DC Comics’ Batman that has most profoundly impacted the comic book landscape. King’s Batman is a figure shaped by vulnerability and introspection, a departure from the invincible hero trope. Through arcs like “City of Bane” and the poignant Batman Annual #2, King explores themes of love, loss, and redemption, offering a fresh perspective on the Dark Knight’s mythos.

In addition to his superhero narratives, Tom King has ventured into the realm of creator-owned projects, such as Strange Adventures and Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. These works further showcase his versatility, delving into science fiction and cosmic drama while maintaining his signature emotional depth and complex character studies.

Beyond the pages of his comics, King’s presence in the industry as a thought leader and advocate for the medium is undeniable. His candid discussions about the challenges of mental health, the creative process, and the importance of storytelling in contemporary culture have made him a respected figure among peers and fans.

Tom King‘s contributions to the comic book world have not gone unnoticed, earning him multiple Eisner Awards and solidifying his status as one of the most influential writers of his generation. As he continues to push the boundaries of comic book storytelling, King’s legacy is that of a visionary who reminds us that at the heart of every superhero story lies a deeply human tale waiting to be told.

For those who seek to explore the depths of narrative artistry within the comic book genre, Tom King‘s body of work offers a rich, introspective journey into the soul of modern heroism, proving that within the fantastical, the most profound truths of our existence can be found.

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