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Love Everlasting #2

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Joan wakes into another nightmare of love. 1920. She’s the maid and Roger’s the heir to the manor, and though it is forbidden, they are inevitably drawn together. But soon clichés begin to crumble and blood begins to spill as Joan fights back.

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    Comic Watch

    Love Everlasting #2 has the pressure of following up a near-perfect first issue, while also maintaining the momentum of romance turned mystery, and does so with flying colors. This issue takes the time to slow down, revealing more about what Joan experiences each time shes thrown into a new life and romance. It also acclimates the audience to how shes adapting to the cycle. The balance of taboo romance and action is excellent in both the script and layouts, with Charretier, Hollingsworth, and Cowles all exceeding expectations in their work on the page. Its not too late to pick this issue and the first up if you missed them, and issue #2 promises theres so much beyond tales of romance in store for the series. (Though the romance is an excellent element of this book.)
  • 100

    Monkeys Fighting Robots

    Love Everlasting is charming and terrifying. Better yet, it's a story you won't be able to predict or get a handle on " at least, not until it already has its hooks in you. In the space of two issues, this creative team has already shown that they plan to swerve and adapt at every turn, keeping us on our toes for what's next.
  • 95

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Tom King continues to craft an interesting and entertaining story and this issue. While I enjoy the characters, the setting and the overall feel of the story, the mystery at the heart of the series continues to intrigue and engage me as a reader. I love the twist towards the end of the story and makes me even more interested in finding out more about Joan and what is happening to her. The Art: Elsa Charretier deliver some beautifully detailed art with a masterful style that is brilliantly reminiscent of romance comics. I love the look and feel of this issue as well as how the classic style also incorporates some visually interesting violence.
  • 70

    The mystery of Love Everlasting is much more intriguing on its second outing due to the additional texture found in a longer form. Even if the hows and whys of it all remain absent, an abundance of style is sufficient to keep one interested for now.

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