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Loki #3 (of 4)

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Naglfar sets sail to…the Kree-Skrull Empire! Where Emperor HULKLING and WICCAN must assist Loki in retrieving a second shard of Naglfar, which has become a holy relic on a distant planet. And they must also try to quash some old beef between the former Young Avengers teammates (the keyword being “try”).

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24 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    Art is highly detailed and mesmerizing, where the character anatomies are incredibly balanced and strike epoch-making poses.

  • 90

    The penultimate issue of Loki only further showcases what has made the miniseries excellent thus far. In a seemingly-ordinary meeting with Wiccan and Hulkling, Loki is forced to right a surprising wrong in the Marvel cosmos, all while ushering in an unexpected foe for the final issue. Dan Watters delivers an excellent-as-always narrative for this trio of characters, and German Peralta’s art is a gorgeous and lavish rendering of the entire ordeal. I’m sad to know that the Loki series is so close to being done, but this issue makes me confident that it will deliver a great finale.

  • 90


    Loki #3 continues the trend of a series rife with ideas, creative story structure, and fun character work. Though a miniseries, it proves Watters has an abundance of ideas well worth an ongoing series.

  • 80

    Multiversity Comics

    “Loki” #3 has an epic opening sequence fleshing out the mythology of a Kree Warrior named Ko-Mir and the frozen planet Kava. It’s staggering to see how much detail Watters lends towards this plot thread throughout the “Loki” #3. During the length of time that Ko-Mir’s origin is explored, Watters finds a seamless way to tie the thread back to Loki’s search for the shards of Naglfar. The longer “Loki” #3 continues, the more tragedy that is placed on Ko-Mir. Ko-Mir has a rich history that “Loki” #3 goes to great lengths to explore in detail. Readers can see some expanded ties to the greater Marvel Universe in this issue aside from Hulkling and Wiccan that should intrigue eagle-eyed readers.

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