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Little Monsters #11

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The group continues to find conflict in their next actions after last issue’s shattering revelations…but their time may be limited, as the human encampment has managed to regroup for an offensive survivalist maneuver.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Lemire crafts an engaging story filled with betrayal, danger and tragedy for the young monsters trying to find their place in a dying world. The interpersonal conflicts continue to be fantastically fleshed out and all of the characters, both human and vampire, have compelling stories that make you care what happens to them. The events of this story come to a wonderfully organic head as both sides prepare for a conflict that neither is prepared for. I cannot wait to see where this story goes next.

    The Art: Nguyen delivers masterfully detailed and emotionally stunning art throughout the issue. Lucas’ story is filled with action, danger and tragedy and I loved soaking in the visual beauty of the issue.

  • 90

    Little Monsters as a whole—and as its name suggests—has constantly grappled with the juxtaposition of children being thrown into unimaginable situations of having a longer life than anyone else while still being frozen in a childlike state, but Little Monsters #11 capitalizes on that theme perhaps most of all. Despite all the tragedies portrayed in past issues, this one feels the most haunting in terms of a divide between the group and their commitment to the respective paths they’ve embarked on no matter how selfish and perilous their intents are. We see this more obviously through some haunting scenes kiddie scribbles setting the backdrop for more serious situations while other more subtle examples are found through dialogue between characters who are at very different “ages” despite their longevity. It’s a tense buildup to what’s coming next and makes for quite the cliffhanger.

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