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Little Monsters #10

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In a heart-wrenching flashback issue the pain of Romie’s biggest secret is revealed and the burden they have been carrying for over a hundred years will most certainly rip their friendships apart forever.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Lemire creates a wonderful backstory for Romi in this issue. A backstory that answers a lot of the burning questions in the series while also crafting a bittersweet story for the characters. I enjoyed every moment of the issue and the subtlety of the storytelling. The world of these characters continues to be engaging and I love the determination of the character as well as the mystery of what will happen next.

    The Art: Nguyen delivers some beautifully detailed art throughout the issue. The world of the characters looks amazing and the characters have a wonderful visual spark to them that makes you feel for them.

  • 90

    Little Monsters has made a habit so far of dropping tidbits of knowledge and backstory on readers through its back-and-forth swaps between the present and the past, but issue #10 takes things a step further by relinquishing some big “aha!” moments. Romie, our silent pseudo-protagonist, is the recipient of the biggest surprise of all which is saying something when the whole plot revolves around vampire children anyway. This latest issue plays up the child-like innocence the vampiric kids are at odds with and puts a clever twist on the question of who the monsters really are. Little Monsters again here runs into an occasional issue where its black-and-grey art style makes some of the busier pages harder to decipher at a first glance, though the style works especially well here overall given that this is such a somber issue.

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