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Lazarus Planet: Next Evolution #1

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Based on 8 critic ratings.


Good and bad, yin and yang… all sides of humanity will be transformed by the Lazarus event…and in the DC Universe one thing’s for sure: heroes will always rise.

In this special we’ll explore some of the amazing new powers gifted to the freedom fighters of the future… and we’ll see what perils these villain-vanquishing virtuosos will face.

What secret does Flatline seek from the heart of Talia al Ghul’s HQ?

Can Red Canary bring order to an out-of-control city?

What secret does the heroic Dead Eye hold that will haunt him forever?

And enter into a brand-new legend with the fantastic debut of Vigil!

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46 pages
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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Geek Dad

    Overall, all four of these stories have a lot of promise and do their characters justice despite having wildly different tones.
  • 90

    While the "Lazarus Planet" event has already been delivering some surprising and intriguing developments, this week's tie-in issue just might be the most significant yet. This quartet of stories, which center around Red Hood, Flatline, Dead Eye, and Red Canary, each advance their respective hero's journey to an exciting extent – using the new Lazarus rains as a backdrop as opposed to any sort of narrative crutch. There really isn't a badly-executed story in the bunch, but Red Canary's solo tale is easily a highlight – and either way, this issue makes me really excited for the chapters yet to come.
  • 90

    Lyles Movie Files

    The hit rate of these Lazarus Planet characters seems dubious, but with more spotlights like Next Evolution some of them might make it to the next big new DC character initiative.
  • 75


    With great art, interesting stories and compelling characters, the future is certainly looking bright for the DC Universe.
  • 70

    You Don't Read Comics

    There’s a definite feel for new material reverberating through the one-shot. It’s all very familiar. Nothing too edgy or ground-breaking. It’s fun to see a few relatively new characters going through the motions that others have been treading for decades. With any luck, one or two of the characters in the one-shot will really take off. Red Canary has a lot of charm. So does Flatline. Time will tell if they manage enough momentum to make it into the distant future.
  • 70

    Dark Knight News

    Lazarus Planet: Next Evolution fully lives up to its title. These characters will play a big part in the next phase of DC Comics, potentially, and being spotlighted in this book gives readers the chance to get to know them before following any books they feature in. Lazarus Planet so far has been all about legacy and evolution, bringing in new ways for us to love comics, and I’m definitely here for it.
  • 55


    While I can’t stand the fact that Lazarus Planet’s tie-ins only exist to set up things that have little to do with the event, this book is the most fun overall. Red Canary and Elevation do a surprisingly good job at showing cool aspects of the newer wave of DC characters. I genuinely hope to see Flatline, Red Canary, and Sideways again at some point. Maybe they can finally put them in a group or something. On the other hand, the stories for Dead Eye and Red Hood feel like pointless inclusions, despite staying the closest to the event. All in all, nothing in the narrative of this book drives me to recommend this. While some of them are undeniably fun teasers, Next Evolution doesn’t feature any stories that feel necessary or captivating. I’d rather just read the books they’re advertising.
  • 45

    Comics Nexus by Inside Pulse

    A mixed bag of stories for a mixed bag of characters. The Vigil is the least formed while Deadline and Red Canary, who have been around a bit longer, get more meat on the bone characters-wise. While Dead Eye is net new and somewhat intriguing. The art teams were paired well with the respective stories. Overall, as noted, a mixed bag of an issue.

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About the Author: Ram V

Ram V is an award winning author and creator of comics & graphic novels such as

Grafity’s Wall, These Savage Shores, The Many Deaths of Laila Starr & the Eisner-winning Blue In Green.

Since publishing his first book in 2016, Ram’s work has gone on to garner critical and popular success, winning multiple awards. Apart from creating original work, Ram has also written for iconic characters & titles such as The Swamp Thing, Justice League Dark, Catwoman and Venom at DC Comics and Marvel.

Ram lives in London– dog person, doodles, argumentative melancholic.

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