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Kroma #3 (of 4)

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Kroma’s hellish descent into the visible spectrum beyond the Pale City finds her hunted — by men, by beasts, and by… ghosts?

But she won’t let anything stop her from uncovering the secrets of the King of Colors and her own mysterious past.

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  • 92

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: A tense and intense follow up to the dark cliffhanger from the previous issue. The story continues to take some interesting twists and turns with the character and the world of this series. I like that the rules continue to evolve as Kroma’s understanding of the world evolves and it allows me to engage more with the character and what she is facing. I also like the parallel story of Zet’s friends starting to question things as they wonder what happened to their friend. The Art: Every page is filled with great detail and beautiful art that captures the eye and imagination.
  • 80

    Kroma #3 puts the series' subtext into words, with the colorful bird man holding a knife to Kroma's throat explaining that stories are not wielded like weapons, but used to build prisoners. Kroma's own story, as told by the Makavi, installed the bars around her life and helped shore up the walls around the lives of all living in the pale city. Now that she's escaped, she almost yearns for their familiarity and relative safety, but events make it clear that the path home is not open to her. The issue is as beautifully rendered as the previous two, the mood shifting with the contrasting color palettes that define the pale system and the green wilds surrounding it. The story's shift in its pacing as Kroma makes her journey to her new destination feels unnatural given the flow of the story thus far, but it doesn't take much away from what remains a compelling and affecting tale.
  • 60

    POP: Culture and Comics

    This series has continued to amaze me. I’m still in awe at the talent on show by Lorenzo De Felici. Even if the series wasn’t amazing, it’s still incredible to see the skills that are on display to be able to write and draw. Lorenzo is in a small list of creators that can do it, and do it well. I’m still really enjoying the lore that’s being built up. It’s interesting to see how things develop with the relationships between the characters and the colours. I do particularly enjoy the blessing that they give each other “let colour stay out of your dreams’. They are so engrained with this ideology that it’s been put into prayers.

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