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Kong: The Great War #4

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Deep in the jungles of Skull Island, the crew of U-184 survives (as best they can) under the constant threat of grisly death, ferocious prehistoric predators, and, never far behind them… KONG!

The pressure mounts as they are steadily overtaken by fear, violence, and disease — but hope flickers in the distance!

Will they find the strength to persevere?

Or will their bones be added to the endless cascade of human remains that Skull Island leaves for posterity?

Only acclaimed author ALEX COX and superstar artist TOMMASO BIANCHI know for sure — but soon all will be revealed!

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25 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Alex Cox is doing a fantastic job with this book. I love how he has humanized a group of hardened German Soldiers from the First Great War and made me like and admire them. I continue to love how Cox has used the Captain Diarie entries to tell the story and I am wondering how this story will end. Will the Captain make it off the Island or will he be added to the already plentiful collection of skulls on the island? I don’t know the answer to that, but can’t wait to find out.

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    Comical Opinions

    KING KONG: THE GREAT WAR #4 continues the seemingly hopeless race to reach high ground on Skull Island. Cox’s tale of woe whittles the band of shipwrecked soldiers down in horrific scenes of death, and Bianchi’s grim, moody art elevates the atmosphere of dread.

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    Now, in the fourth issue, Kong finally becomes a major factor in Kong: The Great War, and the book greatly benefits from that. He’s still treated as a looming threat for the other characters, but this issue finally brings that threat to life without relying on any prior knowledge of who Kong is. The pacing of this series is still lacking in some regards, but it has slowly become a much more exciting read.

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