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Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman #1 (of 2)

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After investigating an alarming intrusion at the now-defunct Hall of Justice, Wonder Woman and her unexpected new ally, Detective Chimp, suddenly find themselves in a world where their worst nightmares come to life. Who could possibly defeat these things that go bump in the night? The Justice League Dark! The Amazon Princess reunites with her old team to save the world from a sweet dream turned into a beautiful nightmare! Plus, Queen Nubia finds herself trapped in the Well of Souls!

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  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman #1 is a masterpiece. The adventure is remarkable from the start, but the way in which it develops and grows is unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s like the book is living and contorting, able to shift into whatever the creators choose to be. The writing is excellent, and the art is simply some of the best I’ve ever seen. Ferreyra is phenomenal.

  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    The cliffhanger ending for the issue does feel a bit forced given what a strong presence Diana had managed throughout so much of the issue. And the inner struggle that the nightmare is bringing out of Diana and Constantine might seem kind of disinteresting on a surface-level, but there IS some interesting insight into the inner psyches of both heroes. Some of the surface level stuff can be pretty haunting in its own right. The lasso turning into barbed wire is a particularly intense visual given how reassuringly safe it’s been for Diana over the years…even when it’s been something of a threat to her.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    The story manages to effectively place in all three characters’ heads as they encounter the surreal and disturbing, and the way things spiral out of control is highly effective. The cliffhanger is obviously a fake-out, but aren’t they all?

    The Nubia backup by Stephanie Williams and Meghan Hetrick is a good follow-up to Williams’ past work with the character as well. Nubia’s sleep is disrupted by strange events at the Well of Souls, and when she descends inside she encounters a surreal landscape that is even more hostile than usual. This well has been a major plot device in the last few runs, but we rarely see inside of it—and the ending has a great, creepy visual that shows how bad things have gotten. Both of these stories deliver on the promise so far.

  • 86

    Comic Watch

    DC’s horror event Knight Terrors is in full swing, and we’re finally to the part where Wonder Woman gets her own tie in. Unfortunately she felt like a guest to John Constantine in her own tie in. Meanwhile Steph Williams and Meghan Hetrick give us a dark story on Paradise Island where Nubia’s dealing with her own nightmare from the well of Horrors, and it’s a pitch perfect backup. Here’s hoping that the next issue Diana doesn’t feel like the guest in her own story.

  • 85


    The Justice League Dark gets the focus in Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman #1, but Wonder Woman gets to take charge as the main hero keeping their head about themselves. The magical blends well in a nightmare-infused story that sets up quite a threat for Wonder Woman to vanquish in the final chapter.

  • 60

    Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman #1 is kind of a mixed bag. On its own, disconnected from the main Wonder Woman title and the “Knight Terrors” event, it’s an interesting story that sees Wonder Woman, Detective Chimp, and Constantine on a dark adventure that is something of a breath of fresh air in that it’s actually interesting – which many of Wonder Woman’s adventures as of late haven’t been. However, the issue isn’t a standalone product. It’s a tie-in to the larger event and as such fits into the nightmare world that contribute to that whole except… this one inexplicably doesn’t seem to follow the same rules which makes it a little puzzling and the writing is, at times, a little clunky. You get the sense that the story doesn’t really know which character it wants to follow, which contributes to some difficult pacing. The art, however, is interesting and well executed landing the issue as just an average entry in the overall event which itself is so far just average, too.

  • 55

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman #1 is another in a string of Knight Terrors tie-in comics that only serve as nightmare issues contributing to the main event. This issue is notable in that Campbell slightly changes the rules of what’s happening, but not in a good way.

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