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Knight Terrors: Titans #2 (of 2)

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As the nightmare rages on and the monstrous versions of the team roam the halls of Titans Tower, a young girl finds herself trapped inside the building. How did she get there, and what heroes can possibly save her as the Titans face their worst fears?

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Comic Crusaders

    For most of the stories in the Knight Terrors series, the first issue has been the more intriguing, interesting, exciting issue. Knight Terrors: Titans #12 flips the script on that delivering one of the most thrilling, and even emotional issues to date. Thanks to stellar writing and art, and a twist that really pays off the mystery left from the first issue. When creatives are given the time from publishers and the chance from readers to complete their vision, magic like this issue happens. Yes, the start was a little bumpy but issue #2 fills in every blank, answers every question, and still manages to surprise readers. This issue is a bold take on the Titans as a family and the Titan Tower as their home.

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    The idea of a building being the one in a nightmare rather than the heroes is intriguing, but I don’t know if it was executed all that well in the first issue. However, this issue has some clever twists that sell it in a way we haven’t seen before. After all, this isn’t the Titans Tower of the past—that one was destroyed in Dark Crisis (although to be honest, given how many Titans have died, that one would have nightmares too). This is built in Bludhaven, out of the bones of Bludhaven penitentiary, and no place has darker memories than a prison. This twist does a good job of building on the work that Tom Taylor did, but the reveal about who the woman is was sort of predictable once we knew the first part of this mystery. Overall, this didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t know about the Titans, but it serves as a compelling thrill ride with some great visuals to occupy them during the event.

  • 70


    All the questions are answered as ‘Knight Terrors: Titans’ #2 brings the team’s presence in the nightmarish DC Comics even to a conclusion. A very standard overall superhero sort of story is wrapped up in the trappings of the event, without actually feeling like they belong there entirely.

  • 60

    But Why Tho?

    Knight Terrors: Titans #2 is crushingly disappointing. After how powerful the build-up was from the previous issue, to have the payoff be so disappointing is a real shame. Some may enjoy the emotional aspect of it because parts can be salvaged from the surprise, but it’s a decision that struggles to make sense even in a world of magic and superpowers. With some more revisions or explanations, the reveal could have real weight, but it just comes across as limp in its current form.

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    Dark Knight News

    Knight Terrors: Titans #2 had a lot of potential but fell victim to running out of ideas, or perhaps from being the next flagship book for DC and not being able to deliver any real changes outside of the ongoing series. Your guess is as good as mine…

  • 55


    The protagonist, hereafter referred to as Joanne, is the unlikely hero and villain of the story. In spite of the Titans or the larger Knight Terrors storyline, this story is about a house having an identity crisis. In fact, the house is still alive for no reason by the time the story ends. Excusing the nightmare world bleeding into the real world, there is no telling how long the Tower will continue to “have feelings, emotion, and personality.” Although, I admit that I am curious how the other Titans will feel about the new development. I would prefer if the Titans weren’t just being awkward bystanders in their own tie-in, even if I understand the theme of self-acceptance.

  • 40

    “Knight Terrors'” tie-ins are rather hit or miss across the board, and unfortunately, the Titans’ take leans a bit more toward the latter. The idea behind the crossover comic event is a solid one, taking the opportunity to explore the darkest fears of heroes and villains alike. There’s a twist in this latest issue that is completely eye-rolling as to the identity of the mysterious new comer in the Titans’ dreams. Ultimately, Knight Terrors: Titans fails to deliver on multiple fronts, not saying anything new about the characters and ultimately feeling unnecessary to the overall story of the crossover itself. This is an easy skip unless you’re looking to add all the “Knight Terrors'” tie-ins to your comic collection.

  • 40

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Knight Terrors: Titans #2 unveils the big mystery behind the new Titans Tower’s ability to dream and the identity behind the mysterious woman who saved the Titans. Andrew Constant solves the mysteries by concocting fanciful solutions riddled with plot holes and inconsistencies, turning this tie-in into an ill-conceived waste of time.

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