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Knight Terrors: Robin #2 (of 2)

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The undynamic duo of Tim Drake and Jason Todd are on death’s door. Lost in their own personal hells with their worst nightmares around every corner and nowhere to run, the two Robins must put aside their differences and find the strength to overcome their fears and fight back.

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    But Why Tho?

    Knight Terrors: Robin #2 delivers a superb ending. Where the first issue was genuinely scary and action-packed, this chapter is the opposite. It loses the fear factor with a genuine feeling of sadness and pity for the characters. The dialogue becomes about them and their failures. It quietens down, which actually makes the sadness more impactful. The action included is still terrific, with terrifying imagery and manipulation, but there are more long-term problems to account for. It is a comic that plays with theatrical form with an emphasis on dialogue and characters rather than pacing and fighting. It will be interesting to see if the impact of Red Hood and Robin’s experience in this tie-in will have a lasting impact on their relationship beyond the conclusion of the book.

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    The Batman Universe

    This story with its writing and art is what makes this kind of theme so enjoyable. The art can be fanciful and it allows the artists to have fun in their creation of the world and its inhabitants. It also allows for rich introspection of the characters and what really makes them tick.

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    Comic Watch

    Knight Terrors – Robin #2 was an excellent ending to the limited series tie-in, with both Jason and Tim learning something about themselves, each other, and their roles in the larger Bat-Family. Porter shows an excellent grasp of Tim and Jason’s different personalities and how they are more alike than they are different. Given the two issues and having to split page time between both characters, readers are left with more than a complete story that could be further explored.

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    Knight Terrors: Robin #2 is a very enjoyable issue. Kenny Porter has crafted a great story that takes advantage of an event to leverage a great short story about two Robins who don’t often share a page. Overall, this is a great final issue for an event tie-in.

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    While Knight Terrors: Robin #2 almost doesn’t feel like it properly fits into the “Knight Terrors” event save for the idea that it’s just two heroes trapped in Insomina’s spell, it’s actually a really great execution of the concept. Tim and Jason not only have to fave their own nightmares and demons—which are literally their own self-perception—but they have to acknowledge the biggest obstacle to doing that is themselves. It makes for one of the most emotionally resonant Batman-adjacent books in a long time and is the most mature we’ve seen Tim written in a long time. Everything here is beautifully executed. It’s very, very well done.

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    Dark Knight News

    Yes, I am so happy that I was assigned these issues to review. It’s a great way to get an introduction to the “Knight Terrors” event. I’m excited to see where this villain will take our heroes next, and to see more found-family moments. I hope there’s a fun twist or issue release during Halloween month, too.

    This was a great read for a hero/horror crossover series with two of my favorite former Boys Wonder.

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    Comic Crusaders

    To become a Robin is to either experience or invite darkness. That is explored here alongside the differences and similarities between these two versions of the sidekick. Their fears boil down to one not caring enough and the other caring too much. And they have to come to this realization to survive. A realization they need to hear from the other. It’s a bit on the nose sure, but again, characters in the Batman universe are a particular brand of tortured souls and hearing them talk themselves up instead of down is good to see every once and a while. Knight Terrors: Robin #2 looks to start a new chapter for the Bat Family, at least for Jason and Tim. It will be interesting to see what happens…after they duo helps save the world from Insomnia.

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    Geek Dad

    In many ways, this issue feels like a commentary on the way many people talk about these two Robins. Jason is called the “Bad Robin” and accused of failing himself as a teenage boy by…searching for his mother and being murdered. Tim, meanwhile, is accused of being an entitled stalker rather than someone who was so determined to save Batman that he put himself in a dangerous position. This feels like a great way to refute those poor takes on the characters by showing exactly how much it took for them to get here and how much they’ve overcome. Is it a particularly plot-heavy issue? No, it basically just ends with the two of them searching for their next move after escaping, but only a few issues actually felt like it was giving us any insight into the characters. This issue works because it seems to have real affection for the two Robins at its core, and uses the plot device to make them stronger.

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    Looking at the Knight Terrors: Robin story as a whole, it has flaws but brings the story together by pairing up its two main characters, rather than keeping them apart. The ending is hopeful, and if you read both issues together, it flows better than just trying to read each part individually. If you’re looking for a story that pairs up Jason and Tim in a positive way, this isn’t a bad book to check out.

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