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Knight Terrors: Ravager #1 (of 2)

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Defend your life, Rose Wilson! Ravager is separated from Stormwatch and trapped in a nightmare world where she must protect her younger self from being consumed and corrupted by the Murder Man and his blood-crazed Slaughter Squadron. Can Ravager protect a young Rose Wilson without losing her own identity? Why does the Murder Man seem so familiar, and how does he know so much about Rose?

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  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    Knight Terrors: Ravager #1 is a claustrophobic boiling pot. Brisson places Rose Wilson in a house with no friends or help, asking her to protect a version of herself within an environment that isn’t real. She is confused by the misremembered past as if that wasn’t difficult enough. It’s impossible to know who to trust or the truth, which keeps you constantly alert while reading the issue. It’s violent and scary, but most of all, it’s a prison cell that seems to be endlessly constricting.

  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    This is probably the most straight-ahead adaptation of the horror genre in the whole crossover thus far. Knight Terrors: Ravager feels like one of the more sophisticated treatments of the nightmare realm concept. Rose comes across as a very formidable warrior against darkness. The deadly skill that she wields is that much more potent as the story explores the darkness that’s not only in her own past but in her own mind. There’s a powerful contrast in that which feels overwhelmingly cool on more than one level.

  • 85


    Knight Terrors: Ravager is a strong chapter in the bigger event offering hints of where the larger story is going while delving into Ravager’s psychosis. With plenty of blood and action, this might be one of the best tie-ins of the event so far.

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    One of the interesting things about this event so far is the way it plays with perceptions, with multiple versions of characters interacting with each other in a confusing dreamscape. That’s definitely the case for this mini, which spins out of Ravager’s role in Brisson’s Stormwatch story found in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

  • 80

    Comic Watch

    Knight Terrors: Ravager #1 is a competent tie-in story that uses the premise of a big two event to dig into the interiority of its lead. Brisson singles out Ravager’s past and uses the two-part story to dig into her trauma as it relates to the nightmare realm. Soy’s linework emphasizes emotion and action, using the excuse of a nightmare to heighten the emotion to ten for great effect. The sensibilities of an action-packed superhero comic are well translated to the monster/slasher vein of horror, and the coloring plays on this thanks to the flashes of red. Knight Terrors: Ravager #1 is not groundbreaking and as a part of the larger event, is hard to recommend to the casual reader, but for fans of Ravager and Stormwatch, this is an excellent continuation of the ongoing story Brisson is telling.

  • 80

    Comic Crusaders

    DC giving Ravager her own arc in their major summer event over some of the company’s heavy hitters may seem an odd choice at first glance. But is clear from this issue that Rose Wilson will play a major role in how the event as a whole unfolds. Until then, what additional horrors await Ravager? And mixed in with that horror, there are a couple of twist and turns in this issue to keep readers intrigued and wanting to see what happens next. Knight Terrors: Ravager #1 is a low-key must read for fans following the larger storyline.

  • 70

    In a breezy gut punch of an issue, “Knight Terrors” finds a clever way to reckon with Rose Wilson’s place in the DC Universe. Ed Brisson’s script unfolds with the relatively-simple chaos of a dream, building to a “twist” that isn’t impossible to spot, but is still intriguing nonetheless. It also helps that Ravager’s journey, and attempt to reconcile her traumatic past under Deathstroke, is cathartic to experience, with Dexter Soy’s angular art making you feel every slice of a blade or unspeakable horror. This might not yet be one of the biggest chapters of the “Knight Terrors” story, but it still boasts a lot of promise.

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