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Knight Terrors: Punchline #2 (of 2)

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It’s Punchline versus a nightmare Batgirl for the control of the hearts and minds of Gotham! Can Punchline overcome her deepest fears and anxieties to defeat this bat-cowled beast?!

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  • 90


    Knight Terrors: Punchline #2 is a mind trip through digital realms worth checking out. The visuals are stellar, and there’s great cultural commentary on the toxicity of the internet, while Punchline stands strong against it all.

  • 90

    This second issue effectively illustrates why Punchline needed to be in the “Knight Terrors” event. As Alexis gets thrown even further down the digital rabbit hole, her perspective as a social-media-savvy supervillain is uniquely challenged – as is her own destiny in the larger DC Universe. Danny Lore’s script is filled with some genuine surprises, and Lucas Meyer’s art is stunning and incredibly effective. This chapter of the “Knight Terrors” saga is absolutely worth your time.

  • 90

    Dark Knight News

    I called Punchline “Gotham’s newest, and arguably most dangerous, firebrand villain” at the start of this review, and I do truly believe that, in the hands of a good writer, Punchline could be the biggest threat Batman has ever faced. Knight Terrors: Punchline has showed us something more than that. These issues show us that Alexis is still there, buried deep underneath Punchline, and I believe that that’s one of the most important parts of her character.

    This story delivers another great entry into Punchline’s lore, these two issues give us a window into her mind we’ve never seen before, and add more depth to this conflicted, complicated character. I cannot recommend them enough.

  • 90

    Comic Crusaders

    Being the one to replace Harley Quinn comes with haters. In Gotham and in the real world of comic book fandom. Knight Terrors: Punchline #2 is a fascinating look at how those two worlds can collide. How does anyone react to a constant barrage of online hate and what happens when the trolls become real? In the first issue, Punchline was upset that she had no audience for her crowning moment of killing Batgirl, but in this issue she learns the old adage, be careful what you wish for. Overall, this is a gorgeous nightmare and it’s two-episode journey brings out a bit more of one of DC’s newer characters. And who knows. She might just have a bigger role to play in the finale of the Knight Terrors saga.

  • 80

    But Why Tho?

    Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman #2 is gorgeous and reflective. It hones in on the title character to give the book an emotional depth that it had been lacking previously. The comic was explorative and adventurous, merging the physical nature of Diana with the magic of Constantine, and experimenting with bizarre creatures. Centering on Wonder Woman makes the character development better, but the book sacrifices some of the individualism that helped it stand out among the tie-ins. That said, the art itself is impossible to criticise, stunning and sinister at the same time.

  • 80

    You Don't Read Comics

    There’s real poetry in the ending of Punchline’s latest mini-series. She might be flawed for it with any writer, but Lore has done an excellent job of framing a story around Punchline’s fears. She comes across as a mighty hero in the end. It’s almost inspiring. Interestingly, this is the second time this week in which Batgirl has shown up as a hideous monster. She has yet to have a whole lot of luck in Knight Terrors. Hopefully things turn around for her.

  • 78

    Comic Watch

    Knight Terrors: Punchline #2 offers a satisfying conclusion to her adventures in the Nightmare Realm. While it remains unclear the role she will replay going forward as the event wraps up, the story may set up Punchline’s role in the upcoming Gotham War story arc, set to take over the Batman titles.

  • 60

    Geek Dad

    I think DC just rushed this character a bit, turning a compelling supporting villain into a less-compelling headliner, and the result is a lot of creators trying to fill in the blanks where there’s very little substance to mixed results.

  • 60

    Zona Negativa

    Maybe not the best work on the market, but a way to get closer to the character. [Translated from Spanish by Google Translate]

  • 50


    In terms of the meta commentary, I don’t feel the need to dispel any of Punchline’s comments about the internet. While it is unenviable to write a villain as the protagonist, I don’t like using Punchline as a vessel for the author’s justifications against the readers. Although the character is still trying to find her place, asking readers to empathize with a sociopath is tough. Outside of a generally well received design, Punchline isn’t nearly as beloved or redeemable as Harley Quinn. A story about contending with the internet wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t on the side of someone who regularly abuses it. Worst of all, the villain’s interest in Punchline at all during this event feels entirely unnecessary. On a positive note, the artwork, framing, and tone of the tie-in looks fine, but overall this is essentially just spam.

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