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Knight Terrors: Green Lantern #2 (of 2)

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As Hal Jordan is swallowed by the nightmare wave, Earth’s Green Lantern shows this new malevolent threat what a man with the willpower to overcome fear can do. Meanwhile, as Sinestro grapples with the terrifying new dreamscape he’s trapped in, we take a psychological roller coaster ride through his darkest fears-and most painful regrets.

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    But Why Tho?

    Knight Terrors: Green Lantern #2 is an invigorating tie-in. For so long in this event, we have seen the greatest characters on the DC roster be beaten down and slowly depleted of their energy and sanity. But here, Hal is strong and resilient from the beginning. It makes for an interesting alternative to how comics, and stories in general are told. He never really seems in danger, always in control of the situation. It’s a great release of tension and pressure. Sinestro’s nightmare is more true to form and features some exquisitely disturbing and detailed art. They might exist in an issue together, but the tales couldn’t be more different, creating a satisfying experience.

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    Out of all of the Knight Terrors stories, the Green Lantern chapters have easily been my favorites. I know that there is always a bit of hesitation when it comes to diving into event tie-in issues, but Knight Terrors: Green Lantern #1 & #2 have proven to be impactful character-driven stories that are worth your time and money. “Are you smiling…?”, a.k.a the moment of terror on Insomnia’s face when he realized that he made a critical mistake with Hal, is a moment that I will not soon forget. Also, the “Aunt Lacey” line was another perfect Hal moment that was executed with flair. The artistic teams for both installments also deserve recognition, as they have designed some iconic visuals throughout these horror-inspired adventures. The covers alone make these issues worth getting, but the color choices expertly compliment the nightmarish panels.

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    Geek Dad

    Every writer has their own inspirations for a new run on a famous character, and only a few issues in it’s clear that Adams isn’t taking his cues on his Hal Jordan run from any of the past writers like Geoff Johns or Grant Morrison. He’s taking it directly from the tales of Pete “Maverick” Mitchel and recasting Hal as the greatest space cowboy of all time. Sometime that can feel like a bit of a rollback, but other times it feels like the character is reaching levels of energy he hasn’t had in a long time. That’s definitely the case with this issue, where Hal Jordan is faced with his worst nightmares, including the ghosts of his family and his own greater sins—and simply looks at Insomnia and says “Hell no.”

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    First Comics News

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    The Blog of Oa

    Knight Terrors: Green Lantern #2 does a superb job of folding the “Knight Terrors” event into the overall story of the new Green Lantern series. Both Sinestro and Hal Jordan have emerged from the other end of the gauntlet rejuvenated and ready to face each other since the tragic events on Korugar. We’ve only begun to see Jeremy Adams’s vision for the series, but both he and Alex Segura have done a great job with setting the stage for something very special. Nine out of ten lanterns.

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    Comic Crusaders

    Overall, Hal Jordan’s trip to the Nightmare Ream has been one of the most unique. He says it himself in this issue that Insomnia chose the wrong person to try and scare. He’s a Green Lantern, he’s built different. Issue #1 provided a look at some of the character’s defining moments and issue #2 cements Hal’s place as the embodiment of a Green Lantern. Insomnia reveals the nightmare’s final form and it’s a cool surprise, but how Hal handles it is even cooler. Knight Terrors: Green Lantern #2 turns out to be many things. It’s action, it’s horror, it’s funny, it’s nostalgic. It’s a 20 plus page shoutout to a DC legacy character that sometimes doesn’t get the props he deserves.

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    In the end, the two-issue Knight Terrors: Green Lantern was a fun treat with some insights into the characters of Hal Jordan and Sinestro. I think it would have been better to do them as one-shots, say Hal Jordan being issue #1 and then Sinestro being issue #2, but I understand tie-in issues want to sell, so by giving us two half stories, they can make sure we come back to buy both parts. All the creatives involved made two entertaining stories, and they play very nicely to the event and will also help in the main series of Green Lantern as it continues. If you want to examine it further, it looks like Hal Jordan’s inner demons of Parallax and Sinestro being unsure himself could be some significant character flaws to play with in future issues.

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    Comic Watch

    Knight Terrors: Green Lantern #2 is a perfectly entertaining and fun comic, filled with some interesting character beats and great art that works well to holdover readers as they await the main Green Lantern series to kick back up again after the line wide Knight Terrors event.

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    Knight Terrors :Green Lantern #1 contained some lovely ideas and set the stage for a stellar second issue, but that was clearly underselling it. Knight Terrors: Green Lantern #2 delivers on all of the promise of its premise and brings all of Hal Jordan’s best aspects to light. Writer Jeremy Adams highlights exactly why Jordan is such a highly regarded Lantern and explores the unique dynamic that Jordan and the Lantern Corps have with Fear, which comes in handy when you’re dealing with a villain that utilizes fear as his main weapon. Artists Eduardo Panic, Jordi Tarragona, Julio Ferreira, and colorist Luis Guerrero knock this out of the park as well, delivering big constructs right in Jordan’s wheelhouse that take advantage of the expanded creativity a power ring allows for. Writer Alex Segura, artist Mario Foccillo, and colorist Prasad Rad deliver on Sinestro’s internal battle as well, and know how to make an impressive with vivid and striking imagery. Both stories tackle familiar concepts for Jordan and Sinestro, and yet both stories know how to utilize those concepts and still move the character forward in a powerful and at times emotional way. If you’re a fan of either character, there’s no question you should pick this up.

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