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Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #2 (of 2)

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After seeing diamonds violently pour out of a woman’s mouth and the metal of his old Batman robo-suit soldered onto someone’s flesh to wear around Gotham…Jim Gordon slowly realizes that “the good people of Gotham” being represented by monstrous ideations of power, wealth, and knowledge…aren’t very good people at all. Jim’s investigation leads him to a mysterious clock, and he goes to Oracle for help to trace who or what is causing this nightmare…but whether he is able to wake up from it at all will be up to more than just himself.

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13 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #2 has been a harrowing experience well worth it. It elevated the horror of the event, taking the concept of nightmares and intensifying it. It’s a journey of degradation in search of hope that never truly comes. The storytelling is magnificent, the art is biblical, and that fight in the middle offers some welcome release, little victories in a scenario that seems unconquerable.

  • 90


    Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #2 may be the scariest tie-in of the event with its horror visuals and disturbing antagonists. Throw in the fact the enemy appears to be less a figment and more of an introduction to something truly nightmarish, and this tie-in feels worthy of a reread.

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    Geek Dad

    The showdown with a monstrous Batman is the most dramatic part of the issue, but it’s not its emotional heart. That comes down to the identity of the third person who makes the wish—and while it’s a stark twist, it’s also the only one that really makes sense for an emotional payoff. The final scene between the two characters is harrowing, although I think this issue obviously would have been a bit stronger if it didn’t have three different artists splitting art duties. That inevitably pulls focus just a bit from some amazing scenes. However, as the issue fades out, it gives us a few more looks into where it fits into continuity—and into Ram V’s Detective Comics run. Most of these minis have a simple role—to get characters to the end of Knight Terrors. However, this issue seems to be potentially setting up a much bigger threat that will play out in the coming years. Watters delivered a great, creepy issue with some truly memorable scenes.

  • 90

    Dark Knight News

    Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #2 is a great issue that will have lasting repercussions, and I, for one, can’t wait to see how they play out.

  • 90

    Comic Watch

    Fans of the Knight Terrors event will find this issue to fall in line with the dark and horrific themes. While this issue was more depressing than other Knight Terror tie-ins, it was also fitting as it serves as a strong character study of the Gordon family.

  • 90


    It all comes down to fathers and their protective feelings for their children as ‘Knight Terrors: Detective Comics’ #2 brings James Gordon face-to-face with some of his greatest fears. Creepy, eerie, dark, heavy, and truly emotional are just a few ways to describe this very solid tie-in entry for the current nightmarish DC Comics event.

  • 90

    Comic Crusaders

    Jim Gordon is one of the most beloved characters in DC Comics. He may not be a superhero but is a hero without a doubt. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he has been put through as much as anyone in comics. And with that being sad, this tale could be one of his most emotionally trying episodes ever. But he does what he does, and endures to the bitter end. Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #2 is a nightmarish detective tale fans of the darker side of Gotham must read.

  • 85

    Multiversity Comics

    After experiencing “Knight Terrors: Detective Comics” in full, I’m particularly impressed with how deep Watters uses the script to craft scenarios that fracture Jim Gordon’s mind even farther. The Good People of Gotham ended up having a tragic origin story loaded with intrigue, making the first chapter of “Knight Terrors: Detective Comics” one to go back to thanks to the additional context. Also, using so many past elements of continuity in mysterious new ways bolstered the quality of this comic book immensely. “Knight Terrors: Detective Comics” #2 features stylized, haunting art from Riccardo Federici, Mike Perkins and Stefano Raffaele that suits the eclectic script from Dan Watters incredibly well. If you are looking for a “Knight Terrors” comic book that will challenge you psychologically, “Knight Terrors: Detective Comics” #2 is a great read. If you are looking for a haunting Jim Gordon story, “Knight Terrors: Detective Comics” is also for you.

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    Weird Science DC Comics

    Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #2 concludes the two-parter tie-in with a mature, metaphorical, thought-provoking story about Jim Gordon’s real insecurities and fears that fit within his age and place in life. The art is stunning enough to stand on its own, and Watters mostly gives you more than your money’s worth, but the high concept, multi-idea ending trips over itself for a fumbled ending.

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    I was delightfully surprised by both the previous issue and this one. In the face of other Knight Terrors titles that focus on pointing out the nightmare elements of the story, this one instead uses the nightmare to dig into Jim’s psyche, and to gently push forward the thematic narrative Detective Comics as a whole has been following under Ram V’s run. Additionally, the two books work really well as a standalone story most people could pick up and enjoy in a bubble as it probes at Gotham itself and one of it’s longest running protectors.

  • 70

    The Batman Universe

    Dan Watters, Riccardo Federici, and their artistic partners wrap up their seriously creepy, but ultimately haunting and insightful Jim Gordon story with poetry and a promise of more.

  • 70

    Knight Terrors: Detective Comics neatly ties the Jim Gordon nightmare to a mostly forgotten storyline from the recent past and the continued themes being explored in Ram V’s Detective Comics story. While the shifts in art are jarring at times (there are a total of three artists for this comic), I suppose it can be explained away due to the changing nature of nightmares. This was a solid look inside of Jim Gordon’s head with some creepy monster designs. While it wasn’t sensational, I do think it’s a bit above the other “Knight Terrors” tie-in series that have been running over the last couple of months.

  • 30

    Batman on Film

    Like most of these Knight Terror tie-ins, it is going to be hit or miss. I’ve read most of the Bat-related tie-ins for The Batman Book Club and this is at the bottom of the pile. The Detective Comics name has hit a bad streak as of late. Let’s hope that Ram V has a great rebound to his previous arc. I need the detective back in Detective.

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