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Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #1 (of 2)

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Jim Gordon stumbles upon a sacred ritual held by three disciples chanting around an enchanted clock…and one of them is wearing the robotic Batsuit that he donned many years ago as Batman…except this metal suit seems to have have soldered directly into the flesh of the wearer! What do these creatures want with Gotham, and why are they targeting Jim’s daughter, Babs, too? This has to be a dream, right? Or perhaps it’s a nightmare, but if you die in it, you can die in real life as well…

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  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #1 is the scariest and most surprising tie-in so far. What makes it so intense is just how unpredictable it is. Up to this point, nothing had really given the idea that Knight Terrors possessed this element to it, with beings that defy identification. There’s a tragic story within it as an old man struggles with his age and place in the city. Perhaps it is the artist that makes the book so terrifying. Federici gives the entities power and presence like no other that I’ve seen in a comic before. They are so different from anything you would usually find in a superhero comic.

  • 100

    Knight Terrors: Detective Comics has some very impressive art in a very strange and horrific nightmare story. As someone who doesn’t follow the main “Knight Terrors” events, I’m not really sure if Jim Gordon’s nightmare involving a grotesque facsimile of Batman attacking Gotham is necessary reading for the event. However, the artwork by Riccardo Federici is top-notch and gorgeous. In a lot of ways, it reminds me a bit of JH Williams III’s artwork mixed with a touch of HR Giger. Truly fantastic stuff – Federici needs a top-tier comic ASAP.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    This is probably the scariest of all the Knight Terrors minis, just because it allows us to be lost in the horror that a normal man is experiencing in all of this—in a city that’s already terrifying in the best of times.

  • 90

    Comic Watch

    Readers of Detective Comics will appreciate a story focused on Jim Gordon that brings all the anxiety and horror of being one of the few good cops in Gotham and the impacts of Batman. Knight Terrors Detective Comics #1 is worth checking out, but reader beware, it is not for the faint of heart.

  • 90


    Things get creepy and kooky as James Gordon finds himself pulled into the nightmares plaguing the DC Universe as ‘Detective Comics’ takes a leap into the ‘Knight Terrors.’ A fantastic surreal horror story fits perfectly within the space of Gordon and Gotham, with the art setting the tone and leading the way from the word go.

  • 90

    Comic Crusaders

    Gotham lends itself quite well to nightmare themed tales. And as one of the city’s most grizzled residents, a man that’s “seen it all”, Jim Gordon would experience one of the darkest nightmares. Part horror, part old-school detective story, Knight Terrors: Action Comics #1 is what both Action Comics and the Knight Terrors series are all about.

  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Watters crafts an entertaining, engaging and scary story for Jim Gordon in this issue. I like that the focus is on Jim and the darkness that surrounds him outside of his relationship with Batman. The story has some wonderful nightmarish elements throughout it including the villains within the plot. I really enjoyed this dark story and look forward to seeing what happens next.

    The Art: Federici delivers some fantastic art throughout the issue. The visuals are dark, scary and beautifully detailed.

  • 85


    I couldn’t help but be scared and unnerved by Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #1. It’s truly a horror story by all accounts, which isn’t always the case with all of the tie-ins so far. If you’re up for a late-night peering at the darkness in the corner of your bedroom, pickup Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #1.

  • 85

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #1, like most Knight Terrors tie-ins, has almost nothing to do with the Knight Terrors plot, but this first issue is an excellent horror comic and surpasses the main Knight Terrors story in terms of art quality and intrigue. If you’re not into Knight Terrors, get this issue anyway. You’ll be glad you did.

  • 80


    Knight Terrors: Detective Comics is my favorite of the Knight Terrors tales so far. The way it gradually pulls the reader and Jim into the nightmare story is engaging, and believable. It also chooses to focus on something less obvious than what a reader might guess for Jim’s nightmare to be, and instead looks at how fractured and shaken a person can be from years of dealing with Gotham. If you want to read an interesting character study that is paced well, and has gorgeous art I highly suggest picking up this title.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    As interesting as it all is, it doesn’t really engage with the deeper themes that it’s presenting. That being said, this issue really does give a very interesting perspective into the psyche of Jim Gordon. If anything, it’s nice to see a deeper connection with a character who tends to be a little bit more marginal. So often, the perspective of those in the shadow of super-humans and their enemies goes largely unnoticed. It’s fascinating to see this sort of character focused on with this kind of detail. And it’s a pity that this sort of thing doesn’t happen more often.

  • 70

    Dark Knight News

    Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #1 is a spooky fever dream that has some great moments. I’m excited to see where they take this unsettling tale of Jim Gordon battling beasts of the dark!

  • 66

    The Batman Universe

    Dan Watters turns in a deeply unsettling work in which quite a bit happens, taking full advantage of the oversized page count to really dive into Jim Gordon’s psyche. Hopefully he and Riccardo Federici provide a high quality finale to match their strong beginning to this nightmare!

  • 20

    Batman on Film

    Detective Comics: Knight Terrors continues the trend of lackluster storytelling coming from one of DC’s longest-running titles. I pray for the days when JTIV and Tomasi wrote Detective in the not-so-distant past. This has been a rough run; at least Knight Terrors is done after next month, until next time BOFers.

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