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Knight Terrors: Black Adam #2 (of 2)

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A powerless Black Adam has undertaken a perilous and dangerous journey in the Nightmare Realm with a mysterious feline guide. But a terrifying monster stalks him from the shadows and prepares a trap for the warlord!

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  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    Knight Terrors: Black Adam #2 completely encapsulates the worst nightmare of its character. Black Adam is rarely deconstructed in such detail, but Haun does an excellent job of hammering home his insecurities. You call him weak, and a failure and hurt those he cares about, and the real Black Adam starts to make his presence known. It will be fascinating to see if Black Adam has as much of an impact in other books as the plot of this issue suggest he does. While the timing of other comics is off, this issue and creative time do not deserve to be punished for that.

  • 87

    Comic Watch

    Fans of Black Adam will appreciate this follow up to the first issue. The insight, and satisfying conclusion to this one-shot enhances the first issue and manages to have some character insight while focusing on its role as being a tie in to a major event.

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    The continues the good work of writers like Priest and Josh Williamson in making Black Adam more of a fleshed-out antihero rather than a one-note villain. Dwayne Johnson would no double be pleased.

  • 80

    Comic Crusaders

    Knight Terrors: Black Adam #2 is one of the most consequential solo issues in the series so far. It’s a complicated story about one of the more complicated character in the DC mythos. Power is what he craves and also fears losing the most. He wants to dominate but also protect. He struggles to find balance and control his emotions. And in this issue, his true Achilles’ heel, his rage, threatens to make his nightmare real. The ending leaves things up in the air leading directly into the next entry in the main Knight Terrors arc. W This issue has game-changing potential, an emotionally intriguing story, and razor-sharp art. Overall, this is a highly recommended read for followers of the series.

  • 60

    DC Comics News

    Like most tie-ins, Knight Terrors: Black Adam #2 feels a little superfluous at best. It has nothing to do with Christopher Priest’s recent work on the character, and it doesn’t feel super relevant to the larger Knight Terrors event, unless the last page somehow relates to Insomnia’s overarching plan. However, usually, these things are simply background noise within the larger narrative.

  • 55


    What works best about Knight Terrors: Black Adam is how it can function as an introspective story regardless of the event. Despite the overall underwhelming appeal of Knight Terrors’ current narrative, some of the looser connected stories seem to fare better. When the story guides Adam through a tour of his guilty psyche, it stands beyond whatever treasure hunt the big bad is up to. Unfortunately, there are plenty of issues with the narrative and artwork to call buying this issue into question. Outside of the spooky atmosphere and personal aspect to the story, most of what transpires is too shallow for the overarching or standalone stories. Simply put, it is extremely disposable until proven otherwise. As it nears its conclusion, I hope it can wrap itself up in a way that services either narrative nicely.

  • 30

    Knight Terrors: Black Adam does not exist as a story unto itself. The opening of issue #2 has Deadman appear (in Batman’s form) to briefly tease some plot developments from Knight Terrors before disappearing; it concludes on a cliffhanger that is set to be resolved in another one-shot. Between these moments, the only ones that seem to possess any sense of direction, Black Adam continues to wander through his own nightmare. It’s only in this interregnum driven by dream logic that readers can manage to lose themselves for a few minutes. The visions and horrors perceived by Black Adam in his worst dreams conjure some eerie imagery and will play for readers with an appreciation of the anti-hero’s history. But they amount to little as Black Adam’s ultimate release from his nightmare resembles most superhero comics as he punches his way through his problems. Knight Terrors: Black Adam is ultimately a pair of issues reserved only for the most intense Black Adam (or “Knight Terrors”) completionists.

  • 30

    Derby Comics

    As mentioned above, I’ll be interested to see how/if they try to tie this into the event’s finale. I don’t think this story can be saved or elevated for me, but if they don’t revisit the inclusion of Deadman in this issue it will make this story seem even less necessary.

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