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Knight Terrors: Angel Breaker #2 (of 2)

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Angel Breaker and Raptor are trapped in a Kobra Cult lab while the world sleeps. No one is coming to their rescue. Unable to trust even each other, they must now somehow protect teenagers from the horrific Nanny Gillo-a legendary slasher pulled directly from Angel Breaker’s deepest, darkest fears.

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  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    Knight Terrors: Angel Breaker #2 is a magnificent horror story. Utterly terrifying and beautifully creative, it bucks the trend of the event to make this book even scarier. There is a general feeling of safety within these books, with the notion that a character can wake up and escape the nightmare they are in acting as a lifejacket. That is not the case in this issue, with multiple kids and a couple of villains stuck in a building with one of the freakiest monsters I’ve seen in a while. The superb art and the nail-biting plot mean that this terrific comic would work even if it weren’t a tie-in to Knight Terrors.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    The sense of ambiguity works well for the final issue, as Nanny Gillo continues to stalk the characters. The jump scares, transformations, and other effects sell the sense of childhood fear that drives the villain, as several other young members of Kobra fall prey to her in one way or another. It’s a great setting that makes the best of a book that doesn’t really have a compelling lead character. Angel Breaker gets more layers here, but she’s still mostly a sketch of a character. Raptor has more development, but he hasn’t appeared for a long time. Really, what makes this a compelling story is that Tim Seeley is very much in his element here—working with primal fears and horror movie tropes in an unconventional setting. It calls back to the way he began his career, with indie sensation Hack/Slash, and that gives this series a bit more of an edge that many of the other tie-ins lack.

  • 80


    this was by far my favorite of all the tie-ins. Do I hope everyone reads it alongside some other tales? Totally, it’s going to be the one, I think, with the most lasting mileage. But even if you do miss out for whatever reason, I think there’s enough of this story resonating in the event proper, and that feels like something resembling a proper victory. But do go out of your way to follow this story to its poignant, totally scary conclusion.

  • 70

    While a bit more convoluted than some of its “Knight Terrors” contemporaries, boasting a number of deus ex machinas and twists upon twists, Knight Terrors: Angel Breaker still has some bright spots. Tim Seeley’s script helps flesh out the new antiheroine’s moral compass and aspirations, while still leaving a lot of room for future writers to play with. Acky Bright’s art gets a bit too cartoony at some moments, but works more often than not.

  • 70

    The Batman Universe

    Tim Seeley and Acky Bright complete their dark tale of battling nightmares with style, leaving us wanting more about this underdeveloped and always underdressed assassin.

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