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Knight Terrors #4 (of 4)

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Insomnia searches the nightmares of all the heroes for his precious Nightmare Stone and keeps on coming up empty-clawed! Wesley Dodds, Batman, and I must return to the haunted Arkham Tower to confront Insomnia, but…now I know why Insomnia hates the heroes. And I gotta be honest: I’m having a hard time not relating. Maybe Insomnia is owed his revenge.

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  • 92

    Comic Watch

    Knight Terrors #4, the final installment of the story’s main series, gives readers the final pieces to Insomina’s origin and reveals his endgame for the DCU, setting the final confrontation in Knight Terrors: Night’s End #1.

    The issue still leaves many questions and plot threads needing to be addressed in the final issue in order to leave readers with a satisfying conclusion and a sense that this story will be meaningful as the Dawn of DC age continues to unfold.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    The trio of artists on this title delivers some genuinely terrifying visuals, and Deadman’s oddball “storybook” segments that circle the issue are fascinating. The ending turns this into a bit more of a standard event comic crisis, but the big threat it sets up is definitely going to deliver an epic finale.

  • 90

    Comic Crusaders

    As the penultimate issue in the main storyline, Knight Terrors #4 has to hit hard and get readers excited to see how it all ends. This issue delivers. The simple plan the heroes have doesn’t go smoothly as any savvy reader would predict, but it goes south in a very interesting way and is a genuine surprise. And the way virtually every side issue in integrated into this issue is truly amazing. Insomnia’s plan may be more interesting than he is as a character but when the twist is this good, that’s not a problem. The final pages are a massive cliffhanger/tease for what’s to come. In a way, things are just getting started in the story so it will be interesting to see how the creative team wraps up the story in the final issue.

  • 85

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Williamson crafts an entertaining story with an interesting twist that was well executed if a little predictable. The action was great and there are some engaging and intriguing moments throughout the issue. The lead up to the reveal was filled with great tension and the backstory of Insomnia was more compelling than I was expecting.

    The Art: All of the artist deliver some beautiful art throughout the issue. I love the nightmarish visions throughout the panels and the backstory had a beautiful otherworldly tone to it.

  • 80


    Insomnia reveals his motivations and origins in this issue as things twist and turn for our heroes. Deadman is at a loss, and Sandman is captive, so who will save the day? The conclusion is nearing as Knight Terrors set up real-life nightmares for the DCU coming true.

  • 80

    Nerd Initiative

    Insomnia’s final play makes for an engaging issue to send readers into the upcoming finale of DC Comics’ massive crossover event. Williamson, Camuncoli, and the team give the major villain some definition to his character as the closing chapter is about to begin. Keep an eye out for this issue on New Comic Book Day!

  • 70

    Dark Knight News

    Knight Terrors #4 sees the end to the main event series, but not the end of the event itself. Knight Terrors: Night’s End is coming.

    Make sure you pre-order with your LCS, it’s gonna be a big one.

  • 70

    But Why Tho?

    Knight Terrors #4 is a slow penultimate issue. It doesn’t mind taking its time to reach the true destination, with brief pages of surprises trying to make up for lack of action. The chapter feels like a bridging issue, existing just to get the Nightmare Stone to Insomnia before the next issue erupts into mayhem. And whilst it has its moments of brilliance and the art is gorgeous, the pacing does slow the momentum down. There are small indications of the series running out of steam in this main book. The horror needs to be more drastic or given a greater sense of dread and intensity.

  • 67

    Superman Homepage

    “Knight Terrors” turned out to be very enjoyable, but in the end it was only set up for the real battle with Insomnia in the story’s epilogue, “Knight Terrors: Night’s End”. Throughout the main Knight Terrors book, Deadman has been starting each installment with a fireside chat, setting up each new chapter. In this issue’s fireside chat, Deadman states that while most books end with some kind of happy ending, horror stories have no victors, only survivors. In this story, it is Deadman who screws up and receives no happy ending.

  • 60

    Lyles Movie Files

    Insomnia’s endgame isn’t bad so much as it feels somewhat redundant after Dark Knights Metal and Dark Knights Death Metal. Next week officially wraps up the event. What will be most interesting is if Knight Terrors has any lasting impact after this month.

  • 59

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Knight Terrors #4 is rough. Plot points are practically silly. Explanations are nonexistent. The art is messy. The event is trivial. The motivational outcome of this event doesn’t exist. Explanations of abilities, powers, and how they were developed are missing. And within the pages itself, Williamson plays this entire event off as if it’s just slapped together (whether that’s his intent or not). Moreover, this horror comic isn’t scary. Deadman isn’t a lead character. And, any rules that once existed (if they even ever existed) are gone! Readers, for something set up as the Dawn of DC, there is almost nothing promising coming from Knight Terrors #4. There is no dawn. Listen, Williamson is a talented writer but this is very uncharacteristic of what he’s capable of. If you’ve been following along to this point, you won’t be pleased with this final issue that requires you to buy another separate issue in order to see it through.

  • 50

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Knight Terrors #4 somehow makes the Knight Terrors event worse by unveiling the full story behind Insomnia’s origins, and it’s wonkier and more lopsided than you can imagine. If DC had just limited this event to a Deadman/Batman team-up mini-series, you could get away with creative fudging, but a line-wide event is the wrong place to make these shortcuts.

  • 40

    Derby Comics

    After this issue, I’m definitely itching to move on from this event and get back to each character’s individual series. The exciting new debuts on the horizon can’t come soon enough.

  • 30


    Knight Terrors #4 is the final issue to a series you’ll need the special epilogue one-shot to get any sort of conclusion. It reveals that the only purpose this entire series served was to deliver an overused villain origin and prompt you to read the rest of the tie-ins. Pick this up if you really feel the need to complete your Knight Terrors collection, otherwise there’s not much to recommend.

  • 30

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 20

    Knight Terrors #4 is disappointing, as has been this entire series (and, frankly, the overall event). The issue finally brings Deadman to Insomnia, but as readers might have guessed by reading the first three issues, for the most part those first three issues were a whole lot of lead up to nothing and issue #4 repeats much of it by just having Deadman-as-Batman sort of trot around with Sandman (who is ultimately entirely unnecessary to the entire story) and Damian to lather-rinse-repeat the idea that nightmares = bad. It’s all just a tired retread of everything we’ve already seen layered onto an even more exhausted “hey, superheroes might actually be the bad guys” wannabe edgy trope. On the art side of things, Insomnia just ends up looking like the Joker on a cheap acid trip and the reader is stuck at the end having wandered into another corner where nothing makes sense and there is no value to having read anything on the page. As a reader, I’m just left feeling like this was all a weak cash grab in a universe overstuffed with ill considered events in need of serious editorial rethinking.

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