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Kneel Before Zod #5 (of 12)

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In the aftermath of war, General Zod hurtles closer to his dark fate!

On the verge of losing everything – including his own life – a desperate and deranged Zod is faced with an all-new challenge… introducing – the Legion of Zod!

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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 85

    Geek Dad

    Zod defeated the Khund army – but at great cost, as he now finds himself a horribly burned captive on an alien ship. During his convalescence, he reflects back on a childhood that explains a lot about his treatment of his son earlier in the series (and makes him look better by comparison to his own father, if only slightly). But it’s not long before he awakes, shrugs off his horrific injuries, and proceeds to tear his way through the prison ship. After quickly establishing himself as the alpha of the motley crew of prisoners, he crowns them his new Legion of Zod and sets out for revenge – against just about everyone. This is a fast-paced, pitch-black issue, but the depiction of Zod’s injuries sort of defy belief – essentially turning him into a faceless meat skeleton. It’ll no doubt be healed by the time he returns to a yellow sun, but it’s still an oddly grotesque way to depict things for a full issue.

  • 80

    The Aspiring Kryptonian

    I continually find myself impressed with the art of this book. It’s such a love letter to the Space Opera genre and yet maintains a uniqueness all its own. The last page of this issue feels like an end to the story rollercoaster the last few issues had us on, but I could just be hopefully optimistic. Zod did feel a little out of character bearing his wrath at the beings who saved his life, but he has just lost everything he cared about so it’s a small thing to discount.

  • 73

    Superman Homepage

    From ruler of a planet to ruler of a legion of criminals, having lost everything, what is next for Zod? Without a doubt, Kneel Before Zod is the best Superman book right now. If you are not reading it you should pick it up. Overall, the story is unpredictable, each issue has a significant change. So far, through issue four, we see Zod banishing his son Lor from New Krypton, Ursa challenging Zod, Ursa being injured in the Khund attack, and Ursa dying resulting in Zod snapping and destroying New Krypton and the Khund Fleet. A lot is happening, regardless of the level of complexity of the issue’s plot.

  • 70

    Well, you can no longer argue that this miniseries will leave Zod unchanged, as the events of this issue transform him into something practically unrecognizable. Some elements of that metamorphosis are more successful than others, as Joe Casey‘s narrative offers new twists and overplayed cliches in equal measure. Dan McDaid‘s art is just as varied, as these pages simultaneously contain inspired creature designs and all-too-familiar visual tropes from throughout the science fiction world. Regardless, the footing that Kneel Before Zod is currently on definitely has my interest piqued.

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