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Kneel Before Zod #3 (of 12)

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Palace intrigue infects the House of Zod as war comes to New Kandor! What kind of chaos is wrought when alien invaders unleash their secret failsafe weapon? Who will survive? Who will die? You can’t afford to miss this major turning point in the cataclysmic cosmic saga of Zod!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    But Why Tho?

    Kneel Before Zod #3 is the turning point in the series. It has been a fascinating read so far and an interesting experiment. Having protagonists lacking emotions and sensitivity is a challenge Casey has accepted and accomplished. But the revelation in this issue will put that concept to the test and establish real consequences within the series. Alongside that is a battle of epic proportions that never leaves a moment to breathe. When a Kryptonian bleeds, alarm bells always ring.

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    I still think this series suffers a bit from its lack of any lead characters to connect with, but its incredibly brutal battle segments, detailed art, and thrilling tone make it unlike anything else on the stands. This almost feels more like a Black Label book at times.

  • 80

    The Aspiring Kryptonian

    ‘Kneel Before Zod” isn’t my typical flavor of comic which makes my rating slightly biased. The art is perfect for the setting and themes, and I find myself enamored by Ursa’s more “hands on” approach to fighting. The dialogue is excellent, and I especially loved seeing the battle from all sides of the conflict. However, we’re three issues in and we don’t have much more of a plot to the series other than this conflict with The Khunds.

    The prologue in “Action Comics” and issue #1 of this series peppered in some possible bigger threads, but haven’t really hit on them since. Am I just being too impatient? Perhaps, but at least my interest is still piqued.

  • 67

    Superman Homepage

    A Khund fleet versus two Kryptonians and some drones. Even with those odds it is hard believe that the Khunds stand a chance against the will of Zod, but Casey makes us believe and gives us real stakes. In chapter three: The War for New Krypton in spite of his psychological state, Zod takes the war to the Khunds on multiple fronts. First it was his son and then it was his wife questioning the will of Zod. If he proves anything in this issue, it is that he is a force to be reckoned with.

  • 65


    There’s this sense that for this book to really work, we’re going to have to see Zod at his absolute lowest — maybe even lower than that. But this is a specific kind of DC Comic, and while the line does important and progressive storylines on the regular, I get the sense after this issue that there’s some “confusion” around Zod.

  • 60

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Kneel Before Zod #3 delivers an issue-long fight that ends in a bitter victory. If all you want is to see two Kryptonians destroy an invading army, you’re in luck. But if you want a series that gives you a reason to care about the main characters, look elsewhere.

  • 50

    Kneel Before Zod #3 forgoes dramatic political conversation for an all-out brawl and gets a bit wonkier as a result. Dan Casey’s script is at its best in the series’ more harrowing moments, which are scattered in between heaps of exposition-heavy dialogue. Dan McDaid’s art still maintains the book’s punk tone, albeit with a few more unfortunately-drawn facial expressions or feats of bad anatomy than previous issues. While Kneel Before Zod still has a lot of potential, this issue definitely squanders it a little bit.

  • 50

    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

    This entire issue could have been told in a couple of pages. Casey needed to get us here. The story takes a couple of odd turns to get us here. But here we are.

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