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King In Black: Thunderbolts #1 (of 3)

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KINGPIN’S KILLERS VERSUS AN ARMY OF UNKILLABLE DRAGONS! An army of evil space dragons have come to attack Earth and are starting with New York. MAYOR FISK has a plan for that. Assembling a group of killers, mercenaries, and just generally pretty horrible people like TASKMASTER, RHINO, STAR, MR. FEAR, and BATROC THE LEAPER, Mayor Fisk tasks them with saving the city or die trying…or die right then and there. The fate of the entire world may rest in the hands of the absolute worst people in the Marvel Universe. What could go wrong?

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24 pages
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    Thunderbolts #1 is a hard one for me to judge or to “critique”. I mean, story-wise, it is a fun and interesting story that I will follow the next two issues, but I wouldn’t say you absolutely must pick it up. If you want any and everything King in Black then, yes, grab it. Or just looking for something more lighthearted to read. Juan Ferreyra always delivers spectacular visuals and that is no different in Thunderbolts #1. So, I guess if you are wanting something fun and good to look at then you won’t be disappointed in Thunderbolts #1.

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