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Kill More #1

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The city of Colonia is suffering from total economic collapse, but worse than the unemployment and urban decay is the skyrocketing homicide rate. Most of the few cops left on the force think it’s just another symptom of the city’s decline, but one detective has a darker theory… that the most depraved killers in the country have all moved here to take advantage of the chaos. As he and his new partner dig deeper into their rapidly growing list of open cases, they’ll find themselves in the crosshairs of a growing group of maniacs who realize that the best way to stay ahead of the cops in a city full of killers… is to kill more.

Nothing can prepare you for Lady Facesmasher, The Sufferer, The Obituary Machine—and worse. Lock your doors and journey into the mouth of madness in a new series from writer Scott Bryan Wilson (TRVE KVLT, Pennyworth) and artist Max Alan Fuchs (Altered Carbon: One Life One Death, Halcyon Days).

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10 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 92

    Monkeys Fighting Robots

  • 90

    Capes & Tights

    Kill More #1 is a wild ride from start to finish, with impressive artwork and a story that will keep you guessing. Scott Bryan Wilson and Max Alan Fuchs have created something special here, and I can’t wait to see where they take the story next. Just be prepared to journey into the mouth of madness.

  • 90

    The Convention Collective

    First off, I loved this issue! It does a great job of setting up the story, some of the major players and some pretty messed up antagonists in the form of various serial killers and/or lifelong criminals. The creators don’t waste any time getting to the killing either! Creating one of my already favorite villains in Ethel. She’s such a sweet old lady haha! It’s a crazy premise but Wilson writes it in a way that makes it fun and accessible for almost anyone. It reads almost like a dark comedy at times and at others a crime procedural. The dialogue is sharp and witty but never overpowers the art which is great and immerses the reader right in the action. It’s bloody, gory, and full of detail. If you are into books like the recent Where Monsters Lie or the classic Nailbiter I think you would really enjoy this. Definitely worth checking out. Especially given the spooky season!!

  • 85


    I had a lot of fun reading Kill More #1. The stakes in the story feel very real and I’m excited to see what comes next. I hope that the police will receive more help in the future issues, otherwise the detectives will have their hands full. I have high hopes for this comic and can’t wait to read more. I highly recommend checking out Kill More #1, and make sure you check out the credits page where you can see Scott Bryan Wilson and everyone involved with little mug shots making fun of themselves.

  • 84

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: A dark, gritty and entertaining first issue. The story takes some wild twists and turns that create some great moments for the characters among the visceral violence of the story. I really enjoyed the way the story follows not only the detectives investigating the murders in the city, but also the killers as they take their victims in interesting and unique ways. There’s an interesting mystery in this series and I look forward to exploring it.

    The Art: Fuchs delivers some beautifully brutal and detailed art throughout the issue. The visuals have a great film noir look to them and perfectly capture the dark tone of the story.

  • 80

    Comic Watch

    Kill More is an unexpectedly incisive comic. Dark, hopeless, and bleak, it nonetheless pulls readers in, like a modern Se7en set on a failed Mars colony. IDW has been on an absolute tear with their original stories since their recent inception, and Kill More is no exception.

  • 80


    Some strong – if pretty gory – visuals bring this first issue to life. Then again, the artwork is one of the only things still alive in this city that is a haven to serial killers. It’s an interesting premise with a lot of legs.

  • 80

    Graphic Policy

    Kill More #1 is a solid start to the series. It builds its world well in both the story and the visuals. It delivers a world that feels rundown but not hopeless. And despite the bodies, it also delivers a little humor. Add in some interesting aspects about the city’s situation itself, and you have the making of a series to pick up.

  • 70


    What happens when the worse that humanity has to offer is left relatively unchecked? We had the opportunity to review this first issue out in advance, and the best way we can describe this new story is “brutally intense”. If you are looking for a new comic outside of the superhero genre that features a horror twist, then this one is for you.

  • 70

    What happens when a city goes to pot thanks to an eruption in the serial killer population? Well you get a story like Kill More, IDW’s latest series from writer Scott Bryan Wilson and artist Max Alan Fuchs. Kill More is a strong premiere issue, as the story introduces some interesting killers that are degrading the city of Colonia into a wasteland. While the premise and villains are strong, the detectives that are leading the charge could use a little work when it comes to their characterization. Taking a page from police procedurals, there isn’t enough meat on the bone here to make you feel like you can step in the cops’ shoes. It’s not a perfect opening salvo, but it’s captivating enough to warrant sticking with the series to see where Colonia is headed.

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