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Kill All Immortals #1

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Based on 9 critic ratings.

A thousand years ago, Viking explorer Erik the Red and his four adult children discovered a mysterious source of immortality. Now, in our modern world, they are an enigmatic billionaire family with a powerful banking empire. But when Erik’s only daughter, Frey Asvald, seeks to finally be free from her family’s influence, she must be prepared to reveal their supernatural secrets and confront her well-trained siblings in a deadly and epic struggle for power.

Succession meets Jon Wick… with immortal Vikings.

Get ready for a bloodthirsty immortal fight like no other, with comic creator Zack Kaplan (Mindset, Break Out, Port of Earth), artist Fico Ossio (Action Comics, Star Wars, No One Left To Fight), rising star colorist Thiago Rocha and Eisner nominated letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.

“Making a comic is not an immortal endeavor, but we’ve taken some extra time to make sure Kill All Immortals is bigger, bolder, bloodier and more breath-taking than ever. With rising star Thiago Rocha now on colors, and with an expanded Issue #1, get ready for the summer’s most dangerous new series. Sharpen the axes, Kill All Immortals is coming.” – Zack Kaplan

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Nerd Initiative

    Dark Horse Comics has been building the hype for Kill All Immortals, and it delivers in a jaw-dropping brutal fashion. Wrought with intense action sequences and suspenseful character-driven moments, this first issue masterfully announces itself onto the scene. Make sure this finds its way to the top of your pull pile as it is can’t miss entertainment.

  • 100

    Capes & Tights

    Kill All Immortals will go down as our favorite debut issue of 2024 with the promise of being one of the best comics series of the year. What Zack Kaplan, Fico Ossio, Thiago Rocha and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou are able to do in 28-pages is simply stunning. A fresh take on immortality and power struggles that did not disappoint and has us eagerly awaiting more.

  • 91

    Pages and Panels

    Kill All Immortals #1 is an excellent blood-soaked family drama. The clangs from axes are sure to leave ears ringing as readers cheer and gasp at the violence throughout.

  • 90

    Major Spoilers

    Kill All Immortals #1 blends a corporate drama like Succession with the brutal violence we’ve come to expect from Viking-centered fiction and to my surprise, it absolutely works in the best ways.

  • 90

    Graphic Policy

    Kill All Immortals #1 is an interesting debut that has us wanting to read the second issue immediately. Yes, there’s a dash of Succession but it feels more like the horror of The Menu and its cat and mouse game by the end. Where this series goes will be interesting and we can’t wait to find out.

  • 88

    The Super Powered Fancast

    Kaplan crafts an entertaining and thrilling story in this first issue. It sets up the conflict really well while also making the characters interesting. The action in the story is great and the first issue does a wonderful job of building the world of these characters. I became instantly engaged with the story and its immediacy and look forward to seeing what happens next.

    Ossio delivers some beautifully detailed and visually immersive art throughout the issue. I love the character designs as well as the bloody, intense action throughout the issue.

  • 80


    Regardless of why you’re excited about this book, Kill All Immortals seemingly has so much to offer so early on in its run. There’s gore and heart; explorations of capitalism and transparency; ample family and romance; and, the thing we can all agree on every single time, sick sword/axe fights. It’s a book that is deceivingly complex without feeling overwhelming in its efforts, and it’s made to test our understandings and assumptions as much as it is merely to entertain. So come for whatever reason that piques your interest, but just be clear that Kill All Immortals is bloody good regardless.

  • 70

    Geek Network

    Overall, this issue is a good time that delivers on its premise. It broaches some interesting ethical and political issues concerning the consolidation of power and who, if anyone, should inherit it. It also hints at the psychological effects of being effectively immortal. It appears the conversation about what immortality means and how that changes one’s perspective will be a running theme as the series progresses. If you’re a fan of action, Vikings, family drama, or mythology then you’ll find plenty to enjoy here.

  • 60

    Even though a majority of the issue feels quite bland, there are reveals in the final pages that do circumvent our expectations of the origins of this lineage that have us intrigued about what’s just over the horizon, so when it comes to delivering a premiere issue that encourages you to pursue a storyline, the book succeeds on that front.

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