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Kaya #9

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Kaya’s magic arm is GONE, and she is separated from her allies in the vast Poison Lands. Jin, nearly drowned, enters a strange, delirious nightmare he may not be able to return from.

Features a variant cover by cosmic art god MATTEO SCALERA!

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  • 90

    With the core cast of Kaya scattered across a radioactive wasteland littered with dangerous mutants, Kaya #9 presents each portion of the party with considerable challenges in three thrilling sequences that offer the best case scenario of a “middle chapter.” Perhaps the most surprising element is the conflict within the camp of antagonists as Jin is held captive by a very shaky alliance; the showdown between mutant and robot plays out in an impressively tense sequence and the whole affair adds ever greater depth to the world of Kaya. Both sets of heroes on Jin’s trail face increasingly terrible circumstances as their surroundings offer so many forms of hostility. Although the series threatens to develop its own “red shirt” trope, the action sequences are suspenseful and ensure a sense of threat is earned. Wes Craig continues to reveal new flourishes as heavy shading inflects a darker mood in parts of this issue and each new sequence offers readers at least one panel to pause with. Kaya #9 fleshes out both its protagonists and antagonists by providing them with plenty of new problems on a journey that already seems bound to be Kaya’s most exciting chapter yet.

  • 90

    Major Spoilers

    Kaya #9 captures some of the darkest moments yet for many of the characters. As a group, they could work together. But now they are being divided again and again. Do they each have the strength to be able to work through what Fate has in store for them?

  • 87

    Comic Watch

    Kaya #9 is an excellent middle chapter, utilizing strong pacing and natural narrative twists in order to continue the momentum of this massive second arc, not a second becoming dull or overdrawn.

  • 80

    You Don't Read Comics

    As large a canvas as Craig is working with, it’s interesting to note that it still feels pretty small. There are benefits and drawbacks to this. It’s cool to enter a fantasy world like this and have an immediate grasp of all of the forces at work. However, fantasy thrives on the notion of immensity and power. And everything seems just a little bit too small to really grant a substantial sense of wonder. Every now and then, some things hit the page in just the right way to deliver the magic. The giant bat that’s hauling around Kaya at the opening of the issue is a good example of this. Craig needs more moments like this to maintain the wonder.

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