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Kaya #7

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Kaya’s worst fear has come true: her little brother Jin has been kidnapped. Now, despite everything she’s already been through, she’ll have no choice but to enter the Kingdom of the MUTANTS to get him back.

With unexpected allies in tow, a wild adventure begins in the strange and sinister POISON-LANDS!

A great jumping-on point for new readers.

Features a variant cover by artistic juggernaut DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON!

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32 pages
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  • 95

    Comic Watch

    While the last arc struggled a bit with balancing our main characters developmental depth and the introduction of the world, its functions, and lore. The kinks in that process have seemingly been rectified in this issue. We’re introduced to the Poison Lands, a dark, twisted jungle full of ancient monuments and near-Lovecraftian creatures. Jin’s death march through it acts as the issues B-plot, and spends its time fleshing out his character to be more than just the bratty royal kid. There’s some really subtle, poignant, and quick characterization done on a monstrous amphibian that says a million things without having any spoken depth. The plotting of the flashback, the Goro Bay escape, and the Jin’s march all flow well with each other, the issue not wasting anytime as it prioritizes its visual storytelling over anything else.

    This issue’s cliffhanger is very exciting, interesting, and a genuine surprise that bodes very well for the next issue.

    Overall, KAYA #7 continues the series with a really strong foot forward. While the previous arc had been visually astounding with a really strong sense of character archetype, design, and immersion within its world, it lacked in both narrative and character depth. However, due to the plot setup this new arc presents, the series holds with it the potential to marry its visual storytelling expertise with plotting and character work of equal strength.

  • 90

    Kaya #7 introduces the series’ second arc and it promises to be even more rewarding than the bright, beautiful, and boisterous first outing. This time the story takes Kaya and a small party of companions into the Poison Lands – a new landscape filled with toxic green landscapes and deformed flora and fauna. The new setting radiates wonder and danger simultaneously and even suggests the ground beneath Kaya’s feet may be untrustworthy. It is a wonderfully introduced new arrangement that also provides Jin an opportunity to explore his own role in the growing epic. Captured by an array of terrifically designed fearsome monsters, Jin is compelled to recall his earliest memories and faith in himself, including a gripping cliffhanger that makes the escalation in Kaya clear. Kaya has already proven itself to be one of the most visually innovative and engaging new tales in comics, and issue #7 makes it clear that the best is still ahead.

  • 80

    Major Spoilers

    Kaya #7 is tense and exciting. Not only is this shaping up to be a more dangerous adventure, but all the main characters have had experiences that leave them with doubts. The world is also more dystopian than we first suspected, and I like seeing more of the Atrian Empire and that the powerful enemy is made up of robots.

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