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Kaya #6

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Discover the origin of Kaya’s mysterious magic arm and the sacrifice her uncle Kova made to save the young girl’s life! Plus, a backup story illustrated by indie superstar AL GOFA (Dark Angels of Darkness). A standalone story that’s a perfect jumping-on point for new readers!

Featuring a movie poster-inspired variant cover by WES CRAIG!

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Kindle Edition
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32 pages
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    Kaya #6 steps back from the series’ ongoing saga to provide readers some additional perspective. Framed in Jin’s memories following his cliffhanger-kidnapping, it provides the story of how Kaya received her magical, golden arm and additional context for the prophecy that drives the pair. Told like a folk tale, it arrives with a bittersweet quality as all of the adults involved are flawed and children are never guaranteed to be safe. That realistic tone applied to a fantastical ensures that it resonates with the ongoing adventures that have drawn readers in. A limited, often trichromatic, color palette creates a distinction between past and present while also supporting impressive explosions of color for moments that require remembering. It’s not simply that this origin informs the present, but that it provides an enthralling and brief tale unto itself. Wherever Kaya is heading, it’s clear that both the current action and events of the past are constructing an impressive comics epic.

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