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Kaya #4

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As they near their destination, Kaya’s brother Jin attempts to use magic to help his wounded sister and the Lizard-Rider Seth admits his feelings for Kaya. But does she feel the same?

Meanwhile, unexpected threats are converging around our battered adventurers.

Featuring a Moebius-inspired variant cover by WES CRAIG!

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23 pages
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2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Major Spoilers

    Kaya #4 shows us changes in several characters and reminds us that Jin is central to this story. As we move forward, the plot is deftly balanced by expanding on the history just enough that we learn what we need. This is a solid and thoughtful read.
  • 80

    After the stunning battle that took place in Kaya #3, issue #4 is left to pick up the pieces and showcase Wes Craig's dextrous storytelling talents as the narrative shifts gears with seemingly every sequence. Between snippets of dialogue there's communion with divine forces and the revelation of dark conspiracies with stylistic shifts distinguishing each new facet of this wondrous world. The action at the conclusion plays like prelude, but justifies another smashing splash of the heroine Kaya before leaving readers tensely anticipating the arrival of issue #5. It's clear that there will never be a dull beat in the pages of Kaya.

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