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Kaya #13

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2023 Ringo Awards nominee for Best Kids Comic and Best Cartoonist Kaya and Jin barter a deal with a band of pirates that can deliver them to their long-dreamed-of safe harbor. But to earn their passage, first they’ll have to track down a rebellious princess in a city on the edge of revolution!

This issue also features a variant cover by the classy-as-hell MICHAEL CHO!

“KAYA is the ongoing all-ages title we’ve been waiting for! Combining the wonder of Jeff Smith’s Bone with the adventure of Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet, KAYA is a perfect example of a comic that can hook anyone AND keep them coming back every month.” -Patrick Brower (Challengers Comics + Conversation, Chicago)

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31 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90


    Kaya kicks off its latest story arc by introducing new wondrous locales, outlandish characters, and exciting character developments. The series continues to be one you should not miss if you love immersing yourself in whimsical fantasy worlds.

  • 85

    Nerd Initiative

    Wes Craig and the creative team prove once again their ability to weave a captivating tale, combining compelling characters, inventive world-building, and visually stunning artwork. This issue promises an exciting journey ahead, making it a must-read for fans of the series.

  • 80

    Kaya #13 returns to the series’ central quest in media res and introduces readers to a new companion as Kaya and Jin travel through a pirate’s dungeon bound to thrill fans of D&D. The opening sequence is a bold thesis statement for everything this series does so well – filled with inventive traps and colorful threats addressed with creativity (and occasional humor) by a band of eclectic, lovable heroes. While most of the issue is composed of this introductory action sequence, it scratches the itch for wonder, suspense, and thrills before delivering the necessary exposition for the third arc’s core story. Coming with pirates, princesses, and overwhelming odds, it’s bound to be another triumphant outing and shows readers that this series isn’t set to lose its head of steam anytime soon.

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