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Kaya #12

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Lord Vox, the robot who ordered the destruction of Kaya’s village, must answer for what happened in the Poison-Lands. The plans of the all-powerful robot empire are revealed when we meet the empire’s supreme leader, the Oracle!

Includes a backup story by GABRIEL WALTA and a variant cover by apex predator of art JAMES HARREN!

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32 pages
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2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 85

    Nerd Initiative

    This issue is anything but filler, where we get glimpses of the true big bad of the series and how cut throat they operate! Craig’s writing almost made me feel sorry for Lord Vox, whom I have disliked throughout this series. The comedic exchanges between Lord Vox and his servant were some of my favorite parts! There is an intriguing dynamic at play and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

  • 80

    Every break in Kaya’s ongoing narrative affords an opportunity for readers to explore the expansive world surrounding Kaya and Jin’s increasingly thrilling adventures together. This standalone issue focuses on the villainous robot Lord Vox and his people in the Atrian Empire. Craig’s depiction of their metallic forms and pristinely polished setting emphasizes the coldness embodied in the society as much as its wealth and success. Contrasted with the warm colors and lived-in designs that define much of Kaya, there is something frightening about the geometric designs and sharp edges forming seemingly endless staircases and halls. There’s a power embodied in those elements and it sets a high degree of anticipation for what’s to come in the series. It’s not all foreshadowing either, as Vox is characterized as an increasingly complex villain, one who contrasts his society’s mission with its appearance in the final few panels. Combine all of that with a short epilogue drawn by Gabriel Walta and readers of Kaya are in for a real treat this month as they await the arrival of the series’ third arc.

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