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Kaya #11

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Kaya has found Jin’s captors just as chaos breaks out between warring factions of Mutant royalty and a division of the Robot Empire’s army. But after his journey through the dark realm, what has Jin become? Beliefs are shattered and a new path is forged in the epic conclusion to “Kaya in the Poison Lands.”

Features a mind-bendingly dope VARIANT COVER by JESSE LONERGAN.

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    Kaya #11 draws the series’ second arc to a close in a resounding battle populated by robots, mutants, lizard-folk, and new magic. Readers already familiar with Wes Craig’s style and work on this particular series will understand the immense promise entailed in that brief summary and Craig certainly delivers upon it throughout the issue. Once the various factions converge, events move very quickly as Craig utilizes multi-tiered spreads detailing multiple perspectives and actions without ever slowing the pace of action. It’s a relentless fury that reveals new depths of the characters involved as they summon new bravery and talents, alike. Everything about “Book Two” has taken what worked in the first arc and doubled down upon the most successful elements, producing a climax readers won’t soon forget. Yet like “Book One,” this conclusion offers a bittersweet set of understandings in a complex world where no victory is permanent. The final, few moments are soft, sweet, and sometimes sad, but Craig is every bit as capable of detailing emotion on the page and setting the stage for a long run to come filled with action, adventure, and genuine, heart-stirring drama.

  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    This issue did a great job wrapping up the second arch and tying up loose ends. It also establishes enough of the next story lines to keep readers intrigued and wanting more! I absolutely loved the first backstory that we got about Kaya between the first 2 volumes and I am very excited that we will be getting another backstory before the start of volume 3!

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