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Justice Society of America #5

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Huntress’s journey through time comes to a head as the person chasing her through the timeline has finally caught up to her. Is the end of the line for Helena Wayne?

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17 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    But Why Tho?

    Definitely pick this up, plus the previous four if you’ve slept on the title. I also highly recommend getting the Stargirl: The Lost Children at the same time. Justice Society Of America #5 is solid in its delivery, with peeks at members of the ensemble cast I can’t wait to see get detailed. The fantastic artwork by legends in the field takes the four-color trope to the limit and sets the stage for the next era of JSA inspiration.

    Buy this. Read this. Spread the word. The world’s first superhero team can never die.

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    Lyles Movie Files

    DC needs to announce a follow-up series for this ASAP as Johns, Janin, Ordway, Bellaire, Kalisz and letterer Rob Leigh have done amazing work and it’d be a shame for this team to not have the chance to stick around with the JSA.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    In its short run thus far, the new Justice Society is consistently one of the best series that DC has put out in recent memory. We’re not tackling anything new. In fact, it’s all an echo of an echo of an echo. It’s just a really good iteration of themes that have been ricocheting back and forth around DC for a long time. How long these teams have been moving in and around various titles for years, it’s kind of impressive that Johns has managed to bring it to the page with an impact that truly seems to fit the concept of the new Golden Age that he’s reaching for in his corner of the DC universe.

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    Geek Dad

    Geoff Johns has been building to the events in this issue for a long time, with the Time Masters playing a key role in the events and a surprising cameo from a trio of characters providing the issue’s most dramatic moment. While you could argue that Per Degaton’s defeat comes a little too quickly, this issue seems more interested in focusing on Huntress’ character. Now an anomaly in the DCU and stuck in this time period, she’s left with a father who doesn’t know her and a team that doesn’t fully trust her. There are some really painful scenes involving her towards the end of the issue, but that’s tempered by a surprising cameo right at the end—as Johns pulls in subplots from Stargirl: The Lost Children here. I’m hoping this book can get back on schedule, because it’s one of the DC comic line’s best and it deserves all the attention it gets as the next chapter of Geoff Johns’ megastory.

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    Geoff Johns delivers a fantastic showdown that brings in many characters from this series that were introduced but not fully engaged. Degaton plays as a dangerous villain to the heroes and even beyond. Degaton’s potential was shown on a page by Jerry Ordway, bringing a horrible fate to the DC Universe. Pages and promises like that are great as they offer a more extensive scope for the villain and just how important it is for the JSA to stop this threat. The primary element that made this issue stick out was that it gives a sense of conclusion to this story, which was great, especially considering issue one of this series was released last November. If the series could produce in a more timely manner, Justice Society of America could be a top-tier contender at DC Comics.

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Justice Society of America #5 adds the usual Geoff Johns charm and creative know-how that most fans of his will enjoy. You’ll most certainly leave the issue thinking but mainly because you’ll have a ton more questions that won’t be answered with November being the release date of the next issue. With even more questions coupled with the extremely slow pacing of release dates, I’m sorry to say Justice Society of America will probably lose some of its excitement and fanfare.

    This reviewer has too many questions that he wants answered and if this pacing doesn’t speed up, it will take two years before we discover any of these answers. By that point, the direction of DC Comics could change. Does anyone remember Doomsday Clock? That’s exactly what happened there too. Moreover, just like Doomsday Clock, readers can see the potential in Justice Society of America #5 but will get infuriated leaving a comic with more questions than answers along with any reveal not coming for months. I love Johns writing but he’s got to stop teasing people. Just wait two years after the direction at DC changes again and get the trade at this point.

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    Although this initial story has wrapped up, the time-traveling shenanigans haven’t come to an end just yet with the arrival of some modern JSA members showing up in the past to help Huntress (who is a little disappointed by her father’s lack of welcome). But, in whatever dimension this might be, he’s still Batman.

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    Dark Knight News

    We’ve been given an ending with Justice Society of America #5 that opens more doors than it closes. Helena Wayne has made her choices and must now live with the aftereffects, but she won’t be alone in her endeavors. Those who look for the light will always find it, but we’ll have to wait and see what unfolds for Helena and what her new place in the DC Universe will be.

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    Comics Nexus by Inside Pulse

    An action-packed, intriguing and fun issue. Solid art by the creative teams. Great cliffhanger.

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    First Comics News

  • 80

    Graham Crackers Comics

    Finally, we get a new issue of the flagship title of DC’s New Golden Age imprint! And a fitting end to the initial threat of Per Degaton. Everything tied up in a nice little snowglobe. And with the timelines resetting themselves, there are certain anomolies. And just when you thought the biggest issue was what was going to happen to the Huntress now that she undid her own time line, we finally see some cross over with the Stargirl and the Lost Children mini-series. And while DC’s release timing sucks, hopefully they can get back on track. With two new titles coming soon with Alan Scott, Wesley Dodds, and a whole bunch of guest stars in the immediate future, we may have a new ground work to build on. Here’s hoping. But the best part of Geoff Johns’ tale is Batman and his reactions to the Huntress!

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    DC Comics News

    Despite the quick ending, Justice Society of America #5, there are lots of details that are satisfying with the resolution. Additionally, the big picture view is a fun and exciting look at a special corner of the DC Universe that relies on character, nostalgia and compelling plot lines.

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    Weird Science DC Comics

    Justice Society of America #5 brings the conflict with Per Degaton to a close with a massive battle using every JSA team from across the timeline. The character cameos are fun, the battle is energetic, and the resolution is complete, but Degaton’s defeat felt rushed, and issue #5 seems an odd place to end an arc in a 12-issue maxi-series.

  • 60

    The first arc in Justice Society of America manages to deliver a satisfying conclusion and establish a new team status quo after four issues of time travel shenanigans. The final battle with Degaton plays out along familiar lines primarily designed to showcase multiple iterations of the Justice Society coming together in battle. Janin’s artwork portrays these figures in fine fashion, including a spread aimed directly at DC Comics readers’ nostalgia. While the solution to defeating Degaton emerges like a deus ex machina, the battle across teams and time take up most of the space. By the issue’s end there’s a new roster standing and new adventures to be had; it seems like the best may very well be ahead for Justice Society of America.

  • 53

    Comic Watch

    A series plagued by delays, with a sketchy hold on continuity, and a story that elicits an overall lack of interest in a story that’s supposed to reintroduce the Justice Society back into the main DC earth continuity should be big news. Unfortunately the comic feels like a chore to read, but unfortunately that’s what we’re getting here.

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    Read World’s Finest.

  • 40


    This comic has a big pedigree, and there is a ton of thought and work put in behind the scenes, but the actual execution is very lacking. Basically, they just punch Degaton into defeat. All this build-up over four issues to this guy being a terror across the entire timeline, a killer of Justice Societies…and then they just monkey pile him until he can be zapped into a time prison. That’s it. That’s what everything has been building towards. He just shows up suddenly while the JSA are chatting, and then they just pile on JSA members until he’s defeated. It’s gussied up by suddenly making this snowglobe capable of bringing in other timeline JSAs, and then all the Doctor Fates work together, but it’s still a very quick, very pat ending that wraps everything up. And since we’ve been dealing with so many characters across so many eras in time, no one, not even Huntress, has really had a chance to be a foundational character or have much character development. This whole thing is ultimately a very light, very simple story of various JSAs through time being menaced by a guy, until the time comes that they can successfully beat him up.

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